From no frills to over fills! – More easyJet flight delays

No-Frills airline, easyJet, is usually critised for not providing enough on its aircraft. This time it has been providing too much. 10 tonnes of extra fuel to be precise.

EasyJet was forced to apologise after around 40 passengers were told to get off the plane or risk being arrested due to the aircraft being over-fuelled. The captain ordered 37 travelers, who were yet to board the plane, to stop boarding or face being arrested.

Luggage belonging to the remaining passengers was also removed from the aircraft to save weight. However passengers were only told about this after arriving in Switzerland, many passengers did not receive their luggage for a further five days. Imagine being on holiday without your suitcase! EasyJet spokespeople blamed it on a fuelling error resulting in the aircraft taking on too much fuel making it too heavy for departure. Those passengers who were offloaded were offered €250 for their trouble.

Do you think it was good of easyJet to turn people away like this and have some passengers arrive on time? Or do you think easyJet should have drained the aircraft of the extra fuel therefore resulting in a delay for everyone? Feel free to comment below and share your views about this story.

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