Turkey holiday specialist gets stuffed as Holidays 4U goes bust

In lock, stock and two smoking barrels there is the immortal line “Can everyone please stop getting shot”. Well, at the moment I feel like saying “Can everyone please stop going bust”.

I only get to write a blog post every couple of weeks at the moment and when I do it seems to coincide with another holiday company going under.

This one was not very surprising as Holidays4U was known to operate on wafer thin margins. If you assume Holidays 4U had 100,000 passengers a year then on their turnover of £35m it puts an average holiday value of £350. I would guess around 5% margin which is about £17.50 profit per holiday. You can’t run a travel business on this sort of margin.

My advice is when you shop around and you find one holiday company that is significantly cheaper than others then it’s probably too good to be true. In this case go with the next cheapest instead.

Sure, companies will quote ABTA or ATOL protection but this only gets your money back rather than guaranteeing a holiday when a company goes bust. It can take quite a bit of paperwork and time to get the money back.

The best form of protection is not to have the company go bust in the first place.

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