Flying Blue? Feeling Blue more like as Air France and KLM reward system proves clunky

I have been sitting here for over an hour trying to get the Air France and KLM flying blue reward system to work. You click on the “claim missing miles” link and “page cannot be displayed” appears despite every other page being available.

I know that glitches happen but it happened the last time I tried the other day. In fact the other day I got a page full of error codes which in itself is a major issue as gives hackers the chance to see how the website is set up.

Previously I tried to contact the Flying Blue Club by e mail about how to claim my miles and despite writing in English I got a reply in French which I couldn’t really understand. When I translated it online it appeared to suggest that I write to their head office in France. Why would I want to do this when other air miles reward schemes can be handled online?

Compare my experience to a similar request I made to Emirates the other day which was dealt which correctly within just 24 hours.

I am sure these issues will get sorted out but if you are currently tossing up whether to fly with Air France/KLM and another carrier and the flight reward programme holds the balance, I would personally go with the other airline until Air France/KLM sort out their systems.

With my next Air France flight on Friday will I be Flying Blue? I may well be but not in the way they expect.

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