The World On A Plate

We have rounded up some of the most resounding symphonies of flavour, the most colourful cuisines and the most delicious dishes from around the world.

Hawaii is known as the ‘melting pot of the pacific’, it has an eclectic blend of cultures and you can virtually find any and every ethnicity here. The local favourite is Lomi Lomi Salmon, a seafood dish typically prepared by combining salt, diced salmon with tomatoes, crushed ice and green onions.

Why not give your taste buds a surprise with a spicy Chicken Karahi dish originating from India. It is a spicy blend of aromatic spices and chicken from the Indian subcontinent. Indian dishes are traditionally eaten whilst seated on the floor without cutlery, giving an authentic tranquil dining experience.

Italian cuisine, perhaps one of the oldest in the world, can be traced back to as early as the 4th century! An Italian meal compromises of: antipasto (the appetizer), primo (pasta or rice), secondo (meat course) and dolce (dessert).  One of the most famous dishes born from this nation is Spaghetti Bolognese, a combination of spaghetti served with a sauce of ground beef, tomato, onion and famous Italian herbs…it’s enough to make your mouth water!

Next up is Morocco; Moroccan cuisine is the culinary star of North Africa. The oasis of sights and smells that Morocco is famous for will delight food lovers.  The Moroccans bought the infamous Couscous to the culinary world, a dish of semolina traditionally served with meat or vegetable stew drizzled over it.  Morocco is renowned for its food culture all over the world so why not take a taste of the exotic red city!

In the Far East, some may say Thai food alone is a good enough reason to visit the beautiful country, with its mix of hot, sour, bitter and sweet. Similar to many Asian cuisines, rice is the main component for any Thai dish. Ask any tourist of Thailand which dish they ate most in Thailand, and surely most of them will say Pad Thai. Pad Thai is literally Thai for Thai style frying. It is a Thai noodle dish made from stir fried noodles with egg, peanuts, shallots, sprouts and a choice of meat.

From the Caribbean, Jamaica is infamous for its beloved Jerk Chicken dish served with rice and peas. Jerk refers to the way that a meat or vegetables are seasoned and cooked. Caribbean food is traditionally flavoured with spices such as ginger, nutmeg and allspice. A Jamaican meal is usually a relaxing, social time, with the dishes set on the table, and everyone is free to take whatever they like…just get tuck in!

A nation to the South of USA, Mexico is known for its customs and traditions. Mexican cuisine is known for its varied flavours and spices, most of the Mexican food we eat today is a combination of ancient traditions. A common Mexican cuisine is Fajitas, which consists of piling ingredients into a flour or corn tortilla, rolling it up and eating it usually with just your hands.

The world is full of exotic flavours from every corner of the world, each bringing something different to the table. However, for the less adventurous simplicity can be found in the traditional Roast, one of New Zealand’s favourite ways to eat lamb. The culture of New Zealand is largely inherited from British and European customs, thus the Roast becoming the traditional dish for British Sunday lunch.


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