Olympic Torch Stolen By UK Holidaymakers!

From Birmingham to Blackpool, Inverness to Ipswich and Dundee to Dover, people from every corner of Great Britain have been coming together to celebrate history, the Olympic Torch Relay. 8,000 inspirational people, who were nominated by someone they know, have been given the honour of carrying the torch and represent their communities. As the Olympic torch makes it way around Great Britain for the upcoming London Games, more than 1,000 cities towns and villages have been able to witness this centuries-old tradition right on their very doorsteps. 

Fancy having a chance to carry the Torch for Team GB and sharing your support around the world? Now you can let it be your time to shine with the Holidaysplease Olympic torch relay. Become an Olympic torch bearer and let’s see how far the Torch can travel around the world. So far the Holidaysplease Olympic torch has made its way to a number of destinations. From New York and Dubai, India and Italy, it has even been seen in the Maldives and the Caribbean islands. 

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of the Torch Bearers themselves had to say:

Amy Parsons- The Torch made it to New York… Thanks, we had a FAB Honeymoon!!”  


Emma Wagstaff- “Our honeymoon with the Olympic Torch in the Maldives:) It was the best honeymoon we could have ever dreamed of.”  


 La Musica- “Instead of ‘cheese’ say ‘Holidays Please’ with the Olympic Torch in Antigua.” 

But where will it end up next? Check out all the latest entries and follow the torch around the world on the Holidaysplease Facebook page…and why not add yours today for your chance to win. For details on how you can become a Torch Bearer and take part click here. Go Team GB!

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