Tips to Get a Flight Upgrade

It’s been booked and now there’s just one thing left to do for your holiday – fly there! An added bonus and a great start to your holiday could be a free flight upgrade. How do I get one of those you might ask? Based on our experience here are a few tips to get you that elusive upgrade!

flight upgrade

1. Be a Frequent Flyer

Loyalty pays and airlines will reward those who are members of their frequent flyer program. Some airlines give automatic upgrades to their members but sometimes staff will look for loyalty members to fill upgraded seats if economy is full.

2. Don’t Be Too Early

Try and check in a bit later and you could be rewarded. Airlines tend to overbook by 5% and if these seats aren’t filled then the seat could be yours!

3. Dress Smartly

For men, a well put together suit could be the answer to your upgraFor men, a well put together suit could be the answer to your upgrade wishes. Dressing formally will give the impression you mean business! As well as looking the part, it would help to speak well too.

4. Travel Alone

Travelling alone could be the ticket to a free upgrade. Lone travellers have the best chance of an upgrade as they can be easily put anywhere with minimal or no fuss.

5. Never Ask Outright!

Whilst this is the simplest way, it is not advised and results tend to be unsuccessful. You could try your chances by casually asking if the flight is full and say you are happy to help!

6. Be Nice

It never hurts to be nice and smile at the check in desk! It is at the discretion of the check in staff to give a free upgrade if available and being friendly and polite is priceless.

7. Time of Year

During popular times to go on holiday such as half term and school summer holidays there will be fewer cancellations. As a result of this chances are lowered in getting a free upgrade. However the earlier you book your flight, the easier it is to get cheaper fares.


Of course we have to add a disclaimer that the above tips do not guarantee an upgrade! Have you ever had a free upgrade? Any tips you’d like to share with us?


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