All Packed, Ready to Go!

Summer is on its way…apparently! Many of us are itching to get away from the unpredictable British weather. What better feeling is there than getting ready and packing for your summer holiday…oh wait packing? Some of us have not mastered the art of holiday packing and end up packing too much, too little or last minute packing. Fear not, here are a few handy packing tips which will leave you stress free and ready to enjoy your holiday.

• The key is to make use of space efficiently and not forgetting the corner spaces to really maximise your packing skills!

• Rolling your clothes is a great way of fitting in more clothes and also decreases creasing.

holiday packing• Consider what you need, and make a list to ensure peace of mind. Holidaymakers tend to over pack for their holiday and some items don’t even make it out of the suitcase on holiday!

• Stuffing footwear with your socks, underwear and jewellery will create more space in your suitcase.

• To be more practical with clothing, try to choose colour coordinated items which will help you discard any mismatching clothes you don’t need.

• Also be aware of baggage allowances which could vary with airlines and try to pack only the essentials.

With these simple packing tips in mind, you’ll be a holiday packing pro in no time! Do you have any handy tips yourself?

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