Going on Holiday with Google Glass

Rumoured to be hitting our shelves at the end of this year is Google’s much talked about Google Glass. So what is it? Google Glass is a wearable computer on a pair of glasses run by voice commands or by using the touchpad at the side of the device. The device enables the user to take photos and record high definition videos from a first person perspective. Much like a smartphone it also allows you to send messages, go on the Internet and use ‘Glassware’ which is the name of the apps the device will use, which includes Google Maps. How could it impact on your holiday in the future? Is it a vision of the future or a pain in the glass…?

Snap Happy

• You can take a picture instantly through the simple command of “Ok glass. Take a picture”. This means you won’t miss out any precious holiday snaps. You can also take video and if you have a wireless connection you can upload your photos and videos without taking your hand off your pina colada!

Where is that Eiffel Tower?!

• Ever get lost on holiday? Well fear no more, Google Glass has maps integrated into it and you will literally have directions right in front of your very eyes.

No More Lost in Translation

google glass

• Let your glass to the talking and translate your voice to the language of your choice. It should also be able to translate everything in front of you from road signs to restaurant menus.

Live Your Life Through the Eyes of Others

• By watching other people’s Google Glass videos you can experience things you may not ever have thought of doing such as sky diving or bungee jumping. All from the comfort of your own armchair.

Nothing Gets Passed My Eyes!

• By being able to record, upload and broadcast your surroundings live, Google Glass could dissuade criminals from attempting to rob you while you are holiday. In theory you could be your own personal CCTV.

This Looks Nothing Like the Brochure!

• If you have a complaint about your holiday then live footage from Google Glass could be sent to your tour operator and the matter could be resolved there and then. The view through your new Google eyes won’t lie!

These are some of the potential benefits of Google Glass while on holiday. However there are potentially many negatives. Would wearing a £1000 piece of technology on your head be too much of a temptation for robbers irrespective of whether you record the potential crime?

There are also major privacy implications. Would you feel comfortable in your swimming costume at the pool or on the beach knowing that someone with Google Glass was potentially recording you?

What do you think? Any other positive or negative implications for Google Glass on holiday?

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