Hotel Loyalty Cards – Worth The Effort?

Hotel loyalty cards are at an all-time low, with recent research showing a mere 19% of people considered a hotel points card, and even less thought they were a useful tool – So why are they unpopular?

The reasons seem simple, you just don’t get enough for your money. The average cost of a hotel stay in the UK is £70 and the reward comes after a £2000 at some places. One loyalty program has a scheme where you get 10 points for every 55p spent, but you need 45,000 points to get any reasonable rewards. Hotels are purporting good value and benefits on sign up, but the reality is you will end up spending thousands.

Another issue was simplicity – Only 1 in 10 people say they are loyal to a hotel brand, many say it’s because they don’t like having credit cards, travel insurance and other ‘extras’ thrust in their faces as a way of building points. Many consumers loyalty-550x266say they just want to go to a hotel, build up points for staying and get money off upgrades or free dining without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

Not to be put off we have searched for the best of the bunch.

The Hilton offers a scheme where you can build up air miles as well as hotel benefits, and even the basic ‘free’ card gives you a late checkout. They are partners with companies like British Airways meaning any points you build up can be used for money off flights.

Marriot was our favourite with their buy 4 nights get the 5th free. They also offer 10,000 bonus points when you spend £200 in the first six months meaning you’ll have enough points for a free night’s stay if you take up the offer.

And the one that seemed worst value? It was the Best Western where you need to stay a whopping 15 times to be entitled to a room upgrade and a ‘free’ paper!

Have you come across any good reward cards? Let us know..

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