Top Ten Things We Forget to Bring On Holiday

With the excitement of summer holidays, people almost always forget to bring something on holiday. Brits spend an estimated 118 million pounds a year on holiday necessities they have forgotten to take with them.

Here is our handy checklist of things you should remember to take with you on holiday:

1. Camera
That all important camera to capture your holiday snaps for years to come, and to show off to friends and family when you get back.

2. Medicines
Any prescription medicine and other types of medicine designed to combat unlucky holiday illnesses.

3. Appropriate clothes
It is always best to take staple clothing items to cover unexpected cold weather, or restaurants with certain dress codes.

4. Extra money
Have extra money with you just in case of emergencies. Losing your wallet is a nightmare without an extra stash of cash in your packed luggage.

5. Plug adaptor
Don’t get to your hotel and realise you can’t plug your gadgets in. Check out what adaptors you need for your holiday before going.

6. Charger
Now you’ve sorted out your plug adaptors, don’t forget relevant chargers for phones, cameras and other electrical items you use.

7. Sun cream
It is surprising how many holidaymakers forget that all important sun cream for their summer holiday! Save the hassle of buying it when you get to your destination.

8. Toothbrush and toothpaste
Everyday items can be easily forgotten whilst packing. It won’t be the end of the world if you forget but it’s better to have, rather than spending holiday money on it.

9. Sunglasses
It will definitely be a nuisance not having your favourite pair of sunglasses whilst on holiday. You don’t want to have to buy a random pair overseas.

10. Passport
This may seem obvious, but there are always horror stories of holidaymakers getting to the airport and forgetting perhaps the most essential holiday item to bring with you!

Have you ever forgotten to bring anything on holiday? What other essential things do people tend to forget to pack?

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