Top Five Unique Safari Experiences

A safari can be one of the most life enhancing holidays anyone can experience, but not all safaris are about big cats and Elephants. Whilst the ‘big five’ remains the most popular, many are looking at different types of safaris when looking for a new adventure.

Here’s our top five safari holidays with a difference.

5) Northern Territory, Australia – You don’t normally associate Australia with safaris, but they have some fantastic options available. Imagine Wild Boar, Water Buffalos, Crocodiles and Air boats and you’ll get an idea of what’s on offer. Carmor Plains is a photographer’s paradise with all the above including Kangaroo, wallabies and a vast array of birdlife set across acres of wetlands.

4) Hug a Meerkat – We’ve all seen the hilarious adverts with these cute little creatures, but how about seeing them in real life? They are only found in the Kalahari region and watching these captivating creatures interact with each other, whilst going about their daily activities is a humbling experience.


3) Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia – One of the most bio-diverse country’s in the world, Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley cuts across a stunning landscape creating a string of 7 lakes, that’s rich in all life forms. Mammals, birds, fish and some of the most beautiful fauna located anywhere in the world. A 1000 different types of plant species are located only in Ethiopia.

2) Skeleton Coast Possibly the most remote safari experience on the planet, Skeleton coast does boasts a few luxury camps despite its isolation and an unforgettable safari experience. From the unique congregation of seal pups at Cape Cross to the mornings described as ‘walking on the moon’. Skeleton coast is a hidden gem of the safari world.

1) Mountain Gorilla With around 650 of this breath-taking animal left in the world, it’s the ultimate see before they go safari. With decreasing numbers year on year, it’s a unique opportunity to view some of the last Gorillas left in the wild up close and personal. The Bwindi Impenetrable forest is one of only two locations you can find the Mountain Gorilla and a must on anyone’s bucket list.

Do you have any different suggestions? Let us know if you’ve had any unique safari experiences. 

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