What to do when losing your passport abroad.

Losing your passport on holiday is something that everyone dreads, but nearly half a million British tourists lose or have them stolen abroad every year. Now the situation is serious but not the end of the world, so take a deep breath and read our guide to getting home.

1) Report it to the police: Before you do anything else it’s vital that you go to the police station and report it. You’ll need an incident number from them for two very important reasons. British Passport with Microchip
• The British Embassy will not issue you with a new/replacement travel document without a police report/incident number
• You will not be reimbursed by your travel insurance without an incident number.

2) Head to the British Embassy: Having filled out the police report  it’s time to go to your nearest British Embassy and get the necessary paperwork. You can find a list of British Embassy locations at the British and Foreign Commonwealth website. You’ll need to fill out an LS01 form which cancels your current passport, preventing identity theft if stolen.

3) Emergency Travel Documents: If your flight is leaving the same day and you need your documents quickly, then travel documents can be issued for those who need to fly home immediately. Emergency passports will still require identification (driving licence etc) and as we discussed earlier, the police report. This is only a temporary passport and you’ll need to re-apply once home.

4) Travel Insurance: Many travel insurances will cover you for loss of passports under personal baggage cover, but it’s always important to check if you are covered for this before you leave.

Do you had any lost passport experiences you’d like to share?


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