Looking Back At Super 70’s Travel

Planning a holiday in 2013 will seem easier with the internet and various ‘apps’, but back in the 70’s what did people really think when planning a holiday? Tickets now can be purchased at the click of a button, a glossy website can give you a host of information, but how did we do it in the super 70’s?

The 70’s was an era where mass tourism really took off; we had a first glimpse of the Concorde and travel entrepreneurs developed business’ on a scale never previously experienced in the travel trade. You could get two weeks full board for £50 and this was the era where people, who had previously never travelled abroad got a chance to do exactly that.

Skytrain (Laker Airlines) was the Easyjet and Ryanair of today, and luxury long haul travel was starting to flourish. So what has exactly changed? Resorts have become more luxurious, technologically more advanced, but providing a first class customer experience still remains the primary fundamental.


Holidays in 2013 are an experience from start to finish.  From the luxury transfer, the VIP lounge to the big wide world being just a short flight away. With so many different choices and holidays to fit all budgets, ‘the world’ is accessible to a wider market.  Airlines connect people and places all over the world, and today we emphasise on living life to the full. You couldn’t Google in 1970, you couldn’t check your iPhone’s maps, so what did you do if you were lost? Dust off a great big map to try and work out exactly where you were.

Airports in the 70’s didn’t have big screens everywhere; you’d just have a big board that would tell you exactly where your flight was. With little or no security you could buy a ticket, walk up to the tarmac and onto the plane without any real supervision. Airports today are super-hubs offering restaurants, shopping and luxury lounges. Security is at a maximum but customer safety is paramount.

dubai 2013

So here’s my quick breakdown of the 1970’s experience.

• What no tablets?.. No laptops, no phones and the only technology would have been a Praktica L (remember those?).
• You could smoke on the flights: Banned in the UK mid 90’s
• You could buy life insurance at the airport! – There were insurance dispensers: You filled out a form, inserted your coins (no credit cards, magnetic stripes, or cash scanners in those days), then got an insurance policy, which you then dropped into a nearby mailbox and sent to your family in a convenient prepaid envelope.
• Seat belts optional – Because cars were not really fitted with them, people just didn’t really know how to use them.
• Flying abroad for £50 – Doesn’t sound much but it’s around 300 odd pounds in today’s money.


How many of you remember the 70’s airport experience? Can you add any to the list? Let us know…. 

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