Tips to Overcome Jet lag

After a long haul flight you’ve finally reached your holiday destination and inevitably here comes the jet lag. We’ve come up with some tips to overcome jet lag and for you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest on arrival.

1.       Keep hydrated

When you’re up in the air be sure to drink at least 250ml of water for every hour you are flying.

2.       Adjusting body clock

In the days leading up to your holiday, try and shift your regular sleeping pattern by a few hours to the time it is at your holiday destination.

3.       Avoid alcohol


Alcohol can cause dehydration and that combined with cabin air dehydration can worsen effects of jet lag.

4.       Take short naps

If the jet lag is unbearable and you just want to sleep once you arrive, try and only take short naps so it doesn’t affect sleep at night time and leave you wide awake when everyone else is asleep!

5.       Sleeping pills or not?

Whilst this may seem like a good idea, be careful about the effects of taking sleeping pills for your plane journey as they may make you feel tired and groggy on arrival.

6.       Exercise on the plane

Stretch your legs out and take a walk to avoid having an achy body and being stuck in one position for the duration of your flight.

7.       Sleep on the plane

This may seem obvious but try and get some decent sleep on the plane. Take a travel pillow and noise cancelling headphones to help you get some rest.

Have you tried any of these jet lag tips? What tips do you have to overcome jet lag?

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