The Best Holiday Cancellation Excuses

Here’s something a little different to send you off into the weekend, a hilarious selection of ‘holiday cancellation excuses’. Now we’ve all used the odd excuse from time to time, from the famous ‘my dog ate my homework’ to coughing down the phone when calling in sick to work; we’ve all been prone to an excuse or two.

Holidays are the one thing people look forward to more than anything, so surely no one would want to get out of a dream holiday? Wrong… 

“I’m sorry you want to cancel your holiday because….”

A female customer wanted to see if she could cancel her holiday without charge because she had found a ‘really good fake tan’ and no longer needed to go abroad to sunbathe.

Holiday Cancel

Another customer asked if it was possible to move the date of the holiday without any charges, because she had not lost all the weight she had planned to prior to going away. She wanted an extra three months to give herself more time to get that ‘bikini body’

Here’s a belter.. One lady wanted to move the date of her summer holiday (which she was taking in September) and was worried about missing the start of the first big brother series on Channel 5. She claimed she had been ‘eagerly anticipating’ the launch and didn’t want to miss it.

Finally my favourite is the gentleman who wanted to cancel his holiday to France. He claimed he had developed a fear of the destination after having a dream that his holiday, caused him to become ‘too French’. He didn’t want to take the risk of the dream becoming a reality so he no longer wanted to go.

From time to time people have cancel their holidays for genuine reasons, but from time to time we do get the odd excuse thrown in that makes us smile. 

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