Must See Celebrations Of The World

Christmas seems like a lifetime ago, New Year’s Eve has come and gone…what else is there to look forward to? Well we have compiled a list of must see celebrations of the world to inspire you throughout the year.

Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival, China

Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival

The Harbin International Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival features some of the most intricately designed and beautiful ice sculptures ever made in China’s “Ice City”. This annual event takes place at the start of the year and officially lasts for 1 month but may be extended weather permitting until it all melts away.


Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Taiwan

PingXi Lantern Festival2

Set in the hillside town of Pingxi, every year residents and visitors celebrate the Lantern Festival with the release of 100,000-200,000 lanterns floating into the night sky. See this stunning celebration which takes place on the 15th day of the lunar New Year.


Holi Festival of Colours, India

Holi Festival

Taking place in Spring, Holi Festival of Colours celebrates the triumph of good over evil in Hindu history and the defeat of demoness Holika. Holi is celebrated throughout India and other regions such as Nepal and Sri Lanka. People spend the day throwing coloured powder and sprinkling coloured water over each other in honour of the prankster Lord Krishna.


Carnival of Venice, Italy

Carnevale Venice2

Celebrate the end of Lent at Carnivale di Venezia and witness the parade of masked people in Venetian masks and attire. Enjoy 2 weeks of celebrations with masquerade balls, street performances, boat parades and more.


Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

Carnaval Brazil

Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is the biggest carnival in the world and marks the beginning of Lent. See the streets filled with parades and the sights of embellished floats, music, dancing and lots of energy!


The Day of the Dead, Mexico City

Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead festivities or Dia de los Muertos, is one of Mexico’s unique cultural events in the year. Taking place from 31st October until November 2nd, it is a time for family and friends to gather and remember those they have lost with a celebration honouring their lives. During this time festivities include setting up colourful and elaborate altars, sugar skulls and marigolds.


Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is celebrated over 15 days and features many forms of celebrations. From giving red envelopes as gifts, lion dances to family gatherings and other traditions, Chinese New Year is the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.


Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, New Mexico

Albuquerque International Balloon fiesta

This event takes place during early October and is the biggest hot air balloon festival in the world. Observe the take off of 600 colourful hot air balloons into the sky. Past balloons have featured non-traditional shaped balloons with past designs including soda cans, a milk cow and other animals.

Which of these celebrations would you like to experience?

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