The Globe Travel Awards – a great night despite a misunderstanding with Escala!

People who work in travel are not known for being shy and retiring. When they get together they generally make the Rio carnival look like afternoon tea with Granny!

So when I was invited to the Globe travel awards I knew that getting the last train back at 11.30pm was a bit over optimistic. As it happens it turned out to be around 7 hours over-optimistic.

James Corden was the host for the event and he did a fantastic job. With plenty of material ranging from the standard of low cost airlines to Katie Price’s wedding at Sandals resort, he knew exactly which buttons to press.James Corden "working the floor"

One of the musical acts was Britain’s Got Talent finalist “Escala” and that’s where I managed to embarrass myself….

After they performed I snuck backstage to meet them. My dad had said that his cousin was the father of one of the band. So I spoke to them and said “Does one of you have a Dad called David?”

To which the response was “… I’m afraid we used to”.

There was a stony silence and time stood still as I said that I was so sorry to hear of their loss. Thankfully one of them chirped up and said “no no-one’s died, she just left the group a couple of years ago!”

The clocks started to tick again and my heart and foot was removed from my mouth!

Needless to say I had a fantastic night and congratulations to all the winners. It was great to see how people who compete hard against each other on a daily basis always come together at these events in order to celebrate the industry that we are in.

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