Bizarre Banned Products Around the World

Entering a new country on holiday can mean having to become accustomed to traditions and rules. Now, most of these traditions and rules are widely acceptable and sensible but have a look at some of these ‘weird’ bans around the world.

Chewing Gum

chewing gum

It is illegal to sell or buy chewing gum in Singapore. This ban has been enforced since 1992 but it is not actually illegal to chew gum! The only gum allowed is for medical reasons (dental health gum, nicotine gum) and prescribed by a doctor.



Love it or hate it….Denmark clearly hates Marmite, it is banned by the government. Marmite is not allowed according to Danish law thanks to its fortified vitamin content.



Primary schools in France can no longer enjoy ketchup with their meals. However rather than banning ketchup completely, primary school children are allowed one day a week to have ketchup only if they have their meal with French fries.



The Scottish delicacy haggis is banned in the USA for fear of contamination and risk from consuming sheep’s lungs. This ban has been ongoing for 40 years despite the Scottish Government’s bids to change this.

Kinder Eggs

kinder eggs

What could be harmful about this chocolate and toy combo you ask? Kinder Eggs are prohibited in the USA due to it having a “non-nutritive object embedded in it”.

Unpasteurised Milk

raw milk

Despite unpasteurised milk being freely available and easy to buy in Europe, Africa and Asia, it is banned in 22 US states and Canada for potential germs and health risks.

Could you live without any of these products?

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