World’s Greatest Floral Miracles

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d show you that it’s not only the Interflora (other good flower shops are available) that have an excellent selection of floral delights.

From the UK to China, here’s our selection of the world’s greatest floral miracles to help inspire you this Mother’s Day.

Shibazakura Flowers, Takinoue Park – Japan

Japan Flowers 1

Between May and June each year thousands of visitors descend on Takinoue Park to see the Shibazakura flowers – The stunning visuals from the ‘pink moss’ can be seen for miles in the distance, and is a breath-taking sight.

Black Forest – Germany

Black Forest

The Black Forest gets its name from the evergreens that act like huge dark canopy. The forest attracts lots of visitors, but a short stroll away from the crowds and you’ll peace with roaming dairy cows, and bright yellow daffodils.

Tulip Fields – Netherlands

Tulip 1

The striking colours of the tulip bulb are synonymous with the Netherlands during the spring. The bright red, pink and yellow colours are overwhelmingly beautiful and a must see, or should we say a must experience!

Tea Fields – China

China Tea

Despite getting a hammering off Greenpeace recently, after they found a few fields had been sprayed with pesticides, you can’t deny the sheer beauty of coastal Zhejiang – famed for the gorgeous green tea fields the area is picturesque all year round.

Street in Bonn – Germany

Bonn Germany

We’re back in Germany and off to one of the most mesmerising avenues in the world. For three weeks in spring this tiny street in Bonn, turns into a romantic tunnel of beautiful cherry blossom.

Lavender Fields – France

Lavender Provence

The best viewing of the fragrant lavender fields are in Luberon (Provence). From June to August The colour, the texture, and the scent of a lavender field encapsulate for many the essence of Provence. If you want something closer to home then a trip to the Cotswolds or Norfolk, will give you scenic views of purple fields.

Canola Flower Fields – China


In early spring you can experience an amazing ‘golden sea’ of Canola flowers. Located in the small area of Luoping (Yunnan), the vast farmlands get covered in golden yellow rapeseed for as far as the eye can see. The best time to visit this visual fiesta is February through March – by the time June arrives the show is over.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Tree – South America

Blue Butterlies

Ok so it’s not a ‘floral miracle’ but a miracle none the less. I couldn’t resist sharing this with you, and I think you’ll agree it’s pretty special. Blue Morpho butterflies can commonly be seen in clearings and along streams where their bright blue wings are most visible. When flying over rainforests you can encounter large groups of Blue Morphos above the treetops, warming themselves in the sun.

Who knew the world was full of so many examples of floral excellence. Do you agree with our suggestions, or do you think any others should have been added? Let us know…

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