Secret Holiday Destinations

We love looking for new places to explore here at Holidaysplease, and if you’re looking for a new adventure, then how about visiting one of these secret locations? The ones who have heard of these places will know very little, and the ones who haven’t heard of them will be wondering why?! Stunning locations happy to slip under the radar, and offer something a little unique.

Saba – St.Martin


Famous for its stomach-wrenching runway that’s built into the cliffs, Saba is the complete opposite of sister island St. Martin. With a population of around 1,800 people, a smallish harbour and 4 villages, Saba doesn’t even have a beach. With no shopping centres or no mass tourism, the beauty lies in its sprawling nature. It’s no wonder the island is nicknamed the “Unspoiled Queen”

Scrub Island – British Virgin Island

Scrub Island

Don’t let the name put you off, a trip to Scrub Island is the opposite of roughing it. Once upon a time the island was used as a pit stop for explorers and has been virtually uninhabited for decades. In 2010 Scrub Island resort was opened offering exceptional luxury, and a great base to discover this natural island.

Barbuda – Antigua


Antigua’s sister Barbuda lacks the flamboyancy of its sibling, but in no way lacks the charm. The island is so secluded that it’s extremely popular with honeymooners. The beaches are stunning, but there’s more to the island than sunbathing. Barbuda is also home to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary, the only nesting place for the species outside the Galapagos.

Isla Mujeres – Mexico


Isla Mujeres is Spanish for the ‘Island of Women’ – but before all the single guys start clambering for flights and cancelling those dating site memberships, the reason for the name is because of Maya goddesses from the 16th century, and not an all female population. The locals travel around by golf carts and there’s loads to do. If you’re deciding on a visit to the Quintana Roo islands, then this is the place for you.

Pantanal Wetlands – Brazil

Pantanal Wetlands

With the general feeling that the Amazon is the best place for wildlife in South America, it’s thick vegetation and the constant destruction of its habitat is putting tourists off. An alternative is the Pantantal Wetlands, located in southern Brazil it has vast grasslands, animals that are much easier to spot, and is the best place in the world to see Jaguars in the wild.

North Dakota – United States of America


A destination in America that goes un-noticed by UK holiday-makers, is now starting to gain a reputation as a first class holiday hot-spot. With wide open spaces, very few people around and lots of things to see and do, you’ll experience Wild West towns, Roosevelt National Park, and The Lewis and Clark Trail of forts and museums along the Missouri River. For those who like a sophisticated restaurant and bar scene, then Bismarck is a great location in North Dakota

Tuamotu Islands – French Polynesia


Located an hours flight from Papeete, the Tuamotu Islands is a stunning example of getting away from it all. The Islands are unspoilt, uncrowded, unpolluted and can offer excellent snorkelling opportunities. From Sharks and Manta Rays to more peaceful tropical fish, the coral atolls with lagoons in the middle are a sight to marvel.

With so many wonderful destinations on the planet, where will you choose for your next adventure? 


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