Secrets Of The Maldives

If the Maldives was a boxer it would be an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. A beast of destination that rarely disappoints and has something for everyone. The Maldives has an array of luxury resorts, stunning beaches and clear blue waters –  if you want to start married life off in the best possible way, or maybe re-kindle some old romance, then a trip to Maldives is perfect for you. Here’s a few ‘hidden gems’ to help get the imagination flowing.

Shipwrecks, Coral and Caves. – South Male Atoll


With the majority heading to the more popular dive sites of Ari Atoll, you’ll also find rewarding dives in the South Male Atoll. Located away from the capital city, this region of the Maldives is remote and follows a more traditional Maldivian way of life. The surrounding Indian Ocean waters are begging to be explored, with some wonderful diving opportunities. Exotic marine life swims in and out of shipwrecks, and colourful coral gardens adorn the walls of the underwater caves.

Robinson Crusoe

Kandolhu Private Dining

With over 1,190 islands how about finding your own deserted island? Places like the stunning Bodu Hajara in Addu City or Kanduru in Kolhumadulu, provide a romantic haven to escape the worries of the world. Experiences can be put together, depending on whether you want to spend the night on a romantic Robinson Crusoe-style deserted island, or have a picnic on your own private beach.

Whale Submarine Dive – Male

Whale Sub

If you fancy an underwater adventure without the need for a snorkel and flippers then how about a submarine dive? Not many locations in the world currently offer this kind of opportunity. If you haven’t visited the underwater world,  then you have missed exciting views of creatures that inhibit the sea. If you’re young or old, exploring the underwater world without getting wet, while enjoying the sensation of diving in a submarine is a must.

Underwater Bedroom – Rangali Island


‘Ithaa’ sits five meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean, encased in plexi-glass and reached by descending a spiral staircase. The restaurant offers breath taking views and ‘fusion Maldivian cuisine’ (local cooking with a western twist). The 12-seat restaurant is then converted to a private bedroom suite for two, complete with private champagne dinner and breakfast in bed. We hear the sunrise in the morning is unrivalled.

Sea Plane Airport

Sea Plane Airport

The sea plane is an experience all by itself, and an opportunity to get the holiday underway in thrilling style. Make your way to the VIP section, enjoy some refreshments and relax. From take-off they remain low flying, giving their passengers spectacular panoramic birds eye views of the lagoons, and islands scattered across the ocean.

Whale Shark Diving – South Ari Atoll


With lots of excellent dive sites in the Maldives, only a few offer the chance to swim with sharks. When you think of sharks you automatically think of them ferocious, and whilst whale sharks can grow up to 40ft in length they are non-aggressive. They pose no threat to swimmers, snorkelers or scuba divers and whale sharks are actually quite playful. The largest of all fish species alive today and a favourite amongst divers, due to its enormous size, calm and docile nature.

Baby Shark Feeding – Lux* Maldives

Baby Shark

In South Ari Atoll the opportunity to feed baby sharks is one of the best experiences in the Maldives. Viewing the black tip reef sharks at feeding times, has become a top tourist attraction in the Maldives.

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