The Royal Tour Of Australia

With William and Kate having touched down in Sydney, we bring you the second part of our Royal Tour overview. After a hugely successful trip of New Zealand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in a Australia today to a rapturous welcome, and now embark on the second part of their tour down under.

Here’s a look at the destinations on the Australian leg of The Royal Tour:



This flamboyant city has just about everything a tourist might desire – Great beaches, amazing cuisine, great shopping, art galleries and excellent museums. They also have the iconic Sydney Opera House, arguably one the greatest builds of the 20th century. This harbour city is must visit in anyone’s lifetime.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Easily accessible by car, train and tour bus from Sydney, the Blue Mountains are a different world from the harbour city. Blue Mountains offer an authentic taste of Australian bush, and the Katoomba known for its art deco architecture is a great stop off. The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo di Caprio had scenes filmed in the area.



In years gone by the city of Brisbane was notorious for its right wing politics and lacklustre economy. Fast forward to the modern day and the capital of Queensland is unrecognisable. Now you have a futuristic city, full of entrepreneurs, cosmopolitan youth, bohemian nightclubs and world-class restaurants

Uluru (Ayer’s Rock)


Another instantly recognisable symbol of Australia – Ayer’s Rock is sacred to indigenous Australians. The most rewarding views of Uluru is from the top, and watching the giant rock respond to an array of pink and reds at dawn, is an experience un-rivalled almost anywhere else in the world.



The whole world seems to be talking about Adelaide as a holiday destination, and it’s incredible beaches, seclusion and unique history will appeal to those looking for something a little different. With an abundance of great wine regions, notably Barossa Valley, and great opportunities to see some wildlife at Kangaroo island it’s an Australian city that has it all.



The capital of Australia but doesn’t get the visitors that Sydney or Melbourne enjoy, and can sometimes be overshadowed by its East Coast counterparts – But Canberra being the seat of Australian parliament and the home to many of the country’s finest art collections, it’s certainly worth a visit in its own right.

With debates over places like Melbourne missing out, are there any places you’d have liked William and Kate to have visited?

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