World’s Strangest Restaurants

After we produced the “Michelin 3 Star Holiday” featuring some of the world’s best luxury hotels and restaurants, I thought I’d bring you the other side of restaurant life, and a collection of the world’s strangest restaurants. From eating out of a toilet, to a staged earthquake – you’re in for a culinary treat.

The H. R. Giger Bar – Switzerland

Giger Bar

If you’re wondering who H.R Giger is then he’s the guy that designed the set for Alien, and actually won an academy award for it – Also a painter and sculptor, the interior of the bars are themed along the lines of his bio-mechanical style shown in the Alien films.

The roof, walls, fittings and chairs are all modelled by the artist, to fit the designs seen in the Alien films

The Lock-up – Tokyo, Japan

Lock-up rest

How about spending your dining experience in a haunted prison themed restaurant, and being told that you’ll be scared senseless? Fun right… Upon entering the restaurant you’ll be led to a jail cell and then handcuffed for the duration of the meal – The rest is something out of a tense horror film.

The Redwoods Treehouse – New Zealand


This quirky restaurant is set just north of Auckland in the town of Warkworth. Diners access the venue via an elevated walkway built purely of redwood, that’s actually milled on-site. This strange, yet spectacular restaurant is for private events and can hold 30 guests.

The Disaster Café – Spain

Earthquake Cafe

From the outside the Disaster Café looks very ordinary american style diner, and certainly doesn’t show any real warnings about what goes on inside. People pay for the pleasure of sitting down to eat a meal, and at any given point they will be plunged into earthquake like conditions – It’s recommended you don’t wear your best gear, as drinks get spilled everywhere.

Cat Café Nekorobi – Tokyo, Japan.

Cat cafe Japan

Tokyo is fast becoming the strange restaurant capital of the world, with Nekorobi being our second offering from the Japanese capital. This is a hip cat café is located in the entertainment district of Ikebukuro, and lets you to grab a coffee whilst spending time with some feline friends.

Dinner in the Sky – Sydney, Australia

Dinner in the Sky

The Dinner In The Sky experience isn’t just limited to Sydney they actually operate in around 40 countries including Brazil, Dubai and the USA to name a few. The luxury table seats 22 guests who share a unique experience whilst suspended at 100 feet in the air.

Modern Toilet – China


The idea for this odd restaurant was conceived by one of the owners when he was ironically sitting on a toilet. Diners can enjoy noodles and other traditional cuisine directly from the erm… Toilet! From this simple idea, the Modern Toilet has actually become an iconic themed establishment across Asia.

Everyone loves a good restaurant – so do any of these tickle the taste buds? As always let us know your thoughts or any we’ve missed. What’s the craziest restaurant you’ve been too? 

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