Into Brazil – Reasons To Tour The Amazon

Unless you’ve had no contact with civilisation, then you might have heard the World Cup is almost here. It’s in Brazil and as we do every four years (unless Graham Taylor has been the manager) we get excited about England being at the World Cup. One thing the team has to look forward to is a trip to Manaus, which is a gateway to the incredible Amazon Jungle.

Also in the Amazon is the world’s most iconic sports celebrity, David Beckham – his documentary ‘Into The Unknown’ is on BBC one tonight (09/06/2014 – 8.30pm) and with Michael Palin (modern travels great adventurer) giving the program a glowing endorsement, we think it could be worth a watch.

Here’s a few reasons why you should think about an Amazon Rainforest tour.

It Might Not Be Here Forever!


The Amazon Rainforest is a beautiful, endangered and unique place on earth. It is a place that you can’t really do justice with words, so it’s better seen with your own eyes. Problem is with the current rate of deforestation the Amazon could be gone in 40 years.

*Fact 1 – Around 11 million years ago the Amazon River flowed in the opposite direction – into the Pacific Ocean. Continental plates collided, the Andes rose and the river became a huge lake that when it eventually began to drain, it did so in the opposite direction into the Atlantic Ocean.

Breath-taking Photo Opportunities.


With the Amazon home to around 2.5 million insect species, 2000 birds and mammals you’re going to see some pretty amazing sights. Despite the density of the forest, seeing wildlife in its natural habitat is a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Think about the possibilities of photographing a beautiful variety of jaguar, parrots, toucans, tapir, river dolphins, piranha, monkeys and macaws.

*Fact 2 – Due to deforestation, it is estimated we are making more than 137 species extinct every day!

Stay In the Heart Of the Jungle


How many people can say they’ve stayed right in the heart of the jungle? This is the perfect way to really explore this stunning natural paradise. With the eco lodges situated in close proximity to Manaus, you’ll spend the night eating in open air restaurants before talking on some of the exciting jungle trails.

*Fact 3 – More than 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest.

Meeting of Waters


Brazil isn’t lacking in natural wonders, but one of the most unmissable is the ‘Meeting of the Waters’. This is the point where two tributaries of the River Amazon and the Rio Solimoes meet. Solimoes is one of the upper branches of a majestic waterway that embarks on its journey from a cliff in the Peruvian Andes – the place of the collision with the Rio Negro is the moment when the Amazon comes into being.

Fact 4*- The Amazon delivers 55 million gallons of water into the Atlantic Ocean every second.

Exceptional Authentic Tours


The Jungle Survival tour is a popular tour where you have to live off the land for a few days. Although difficult, it can give a very authentic look into Amazonian life. If you want something with a slower pace, then try a sunset river tour – Watching the sun come up over the river, offers a level of tranquillity that’s hard to match anywhere else on the planet.

Fact 5* – The name ‘Amazon’ was given by Spanish explorer Francisco Orellana, after he was attacked by female warriors named the ‘Icamiabas’, or ‘women without husbands’. He compared them to the Amazons of Greek mythology.

Double Team

Porto Bay Rio

If you’re heading to the Amazon or Brazil then you must sample the world class beaches it has on offer. Teaming up a few days in the Amazon Jungle with some rest and relaxation is the perfect way to see Brazil.

Fact 6* – More than 50% of all known species on the planet are indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest, with an estimated many millions more yet to be discovered.

In homage to the World Cup and the incredible Amazon Jungle, we’ve decided to create our very own ‘Into the Amazon Tour’.You’ll spend 13 days and 12 nights exploring some of the finest parts of Brazil and the Amazon. Rio de Janiero, The Amazon Jungle and the stunning Pantanal Wetlands are included on our incredible trip. For more information fill out one of our enquiry forms. 

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