The World’s Greatest Volcanoes

In a break from our usual blog style, we thought we’d look to expand your horizons from the usual holiday sights of beaches, blue sea and palm trees galore. How about adventuring to these destinations and sightseeing these volcanic formations?

Mount Fuji, Japan


Mount Fuji is an iconic symbol of Japan and features a stunning symmetric cone. For a few months of the year Mount Fuji is covered in snow and makes for picturesque images.  It last erupted in 1708 and is still considered to be active. Visitors can enjoy scaling the epic volcano in the summer months on a relatively easy hike.

Mauna Loa, Hawaii


Located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Loa is the biggest volcano ever in its mass and volume. It is active and has had many eruptions with the most recent in 1984. Mauna Loa is one of five volcanoes in a Hawaii and the name translates as ‘Long Mountain’. The safari helicopter tour offers unrivaled views.

Cave of the Wind, Tenerife


Not strictly a volcano but a volcanic tube! Formed when lava flows through creating cavities The Cave of the Wind is Europe’s largest lava tube. Explore 10 miles of passageways underground with lava pits and various rock formations formed 27,000 years ago.

Mount Vesuvius, Italy


Possibly one of the most famous volcanoes in the world, Mount Vesuvius epically destroyed Roman cities Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79AD and has had continued eruptions until its last in 1944. It is a ticking time bomb and there still a danger as to when it might erupt next!

Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

Mount Ruapehu

Mount Ruapehu is in New Zealand is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Alongside it also is Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongairiro. Film buffs may also recognise Mount Ruapehu featured in Lord of the Rings as Mount Doom, the pivotal setting for where the ring can be destroyed.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica


Of course visiting volcanic sites isn’t all about lava and eruptions! At Arenal Volcano in addition to seeing this active volcano you can enjoy activities such as rafting, mountain bike riding and relaxing in the hot springs.

Would you brave it and take a visit to any of these volcanoes?

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