Perfection In Peru

Our Holidays Please travel expert Catherine Harris has just come back from a breath-taking trip to Peru, and with so many exhilarating and life enhancing moments, Cat has managed to condense her trip down into just the best bits. If this destination wasn’t on your bucket list it will be after reading this…

Perfection in Peru – By Catherine Harris

Let’s start with my favourite place Lake Titicaca (the highest waterway in the world). Arriving 13,000ft above sea level, the lake is out of this world and offers awe inspiring views – it’s truly beautiful.

By Pedro Szekely from Los Angeles, USA (Lake Titicaca  Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0 (],

As we gazed into the stretching mountains we could see hundreds of homes, in what could only be described as amphitheatre’esq – it was majestic! If that wasn’t enough in front of us was a glistening lake which became more and more intriguing as our guide revealed its secrets and history.


We visited the Uros Islands, which is famous for a pre-Incan tribe that’s made the 42 ‘self-fashioned’ floating islands their home. Made from dung and reed, and only a few metres thick they have to be anchored to stop them floating to neighbouring Bolivia.

We were lucky enough to find a local resident who took the time to show us her home and clothes, whilst our English speaking guide explained their most fascinating existence.


Probably the most famous and mysterious part of Peru is Machu Picchu. Situated on a mountain ridge above the Sacred Valley, it is one of those places you visit to stand and stare in amazement. Imagine the Grand Canyon with added romance and the mystery of a 1000 stories. You won’t find any tacky shops or fast food chains, just an unspoilt, perfectly preserved piece of ancient history.

We decided on a private tour guide who knew all the cheesy picture spots, but he was also very knowledgeable – there are so many unanswered questions about Machu Picchu and this only adds to the excitement and intrigue.


Specialities of Peru

The food in Peru was a surprise, and a pleasant one at that, it was exceptionally tasty and varied. We found one of the local delicacies Guinea Pig (Coy) fascinating and we considered tasting it until we saw the presentation of it. It came in two 2 styles, both of which you’re not likely to see in a Michelin star restaurant any time soon – one was so deeply fried that it could stand up on all fours and the other a flattened ‘a la roadkill’ style in batter.

We did try Alpaca, which was lush and came in a steak form stir fry with lasagne. Another delicacy is Cactus juice which was beautiful and very very good for you! The cost of the food was excellent, and becomes even better when venture further off the beaten track.


Shopping – The Peruvain Markets

As a girl who isn’t a huge fan of shopping, the markets turned me into a spending fiend, I couldn’t help it! The beautiful handmade clothes and gifts were endless and very well priced. Take a spare suitcase because you’ll need it to put all your purchases in for the journey home – two of our party bought bigger hand luggage (a great excuse to buy one of the beautiful bags).

On closer inspection of the markets I found a stall covered in dry salted meat (with an apparent shelf life of 12months) fruits, seeds and even cows hearts…. a fantastic insight into local life.


Perfect Peru

Peru is a country full of colour, fascinating history and untold mystery. The people are immensely friendly and has palette of characters colourful enough to match the clothes – I would highly recommend a visit to this beautiful country and would be delighted to chat through my experiences with anyone fascinated in a trip to Peru.

Catherine Harris
Personal Travel Adviser
0844 463 2528

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