Strictly Go Dancing (Holidays)

We all like to think we have a bit of rhythm on the dance floor, and with ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ set to take over our televisions for the next couple of months, I thought I’d share the best, dance themed holidays. For those of you who love bust a few shapes (bust being the operative word) on the dance floor, you’re going to love this weeks blog.

Vienna – Ballroom Dancing


Ballroom dancing has seen a massive revival over the past decade due to its television exposure, and if you want to go somewhere other than Blackpool then Vienna is the perfect location. This form of dancing became popular in the 18th century with the formal, romantic atmosphere still very much in play today. Each winter sees around 400 balls and 300,000 dance-loving holidaymakers descend on Vienna

New York – Twerking

Twerking due to its notorious celebrity influence has gone global, and  in August, the UK got involved by hosting a National Twerking Championships. If you really want to go to the roots of ‘twerking’ then New York is the place to visit and even holds the record for the most people twerking at the same time.

Cuba – Salsa


Since originating in the Casinos Deportivo dance halls of the mid-20th century, Salsa has become an iconic part of Cuban culture. With spontaneous moves and distinctive Afro-Hispanic beat, it’s exciting to either watch or dance. For a true Salsa experience head to Havana and experience pastel coloured colonial buildings, and music-filled bars.

Argentina – Tango


Tango first spread through Argentina in the late 19th centuries, but it really look off in the 90’s, when a new generation of dancers began setting tango steps to different genres of music. The tango has lots of improvisation and if you head to Buenos Aires you will really feel the history of this iconic dance.

Nashville, USA – Line Dancing


Often described as the ‘country music capital of the world’ it’s the place to go for southern food and free dance lessons. A Nashville favourite is the Wildhorse Saloon, which is set in a three-storey historic warehouse, has a whopping 60,000 square feet of space to wave your cowboy boots around, dosey-doe your partner and fall over to your hearts content.

Andalucia, Spain – Flamenco


In the little village of Capileira, the olive-skinned locals have been dancing to flamenco rhythms for centuries. Surrounded by mountains, inside a 500-year old converted village house, experts teach techniques at a hugely atmospheric dance studio.

We’d all love to be able to dance like the professionals, and with music more popular than ever, you’ll find people in every corner of the globe moving to their favourite beat – I’ll stick to two-stepping in the living room when no-one else is around. 

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