World’s Funniest Travel Adverts

Some of you might already be aware, but here at Holidays Please we are creating a few travel adverts of our own. Whilst researching ‘what makes a really great advert’ I came across some absolute epics that had been buried in the archives for long enough.

The travel industry has a history of running hilarious adverts over the years, both in the UK and abroad –  so don’t be surprised if these nostalgic gems bring back a few memories.

Lunn Poly

The high street agency that became Thomson was legendary for coming up with clever adverts. During the 80’s and 90’s Lunn Poly’s catchphrase was “Getaway”, which usually involved a person disappearing into thin air and ending up at a vacation spot.

First Choice

Another classic advert involved First Choice helping us relieve those “tense, nervous headaches” with a holiday.

Thomas Cook

Here are a couple of Thomas Cook ads that show an excellent range of diversity. Featuring the arguably the most famous catchphrase in the travel world “don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it”.

Going Places

If ‘Jim Royale’ in his swimwear is your idea of fun, then this 90’s going places advert is right up your street.

BCAA Travel Canada

An hilarious advert from Canadian company BCAA Travel – Has this ever happened to you?

Switzerland Tourist Board

One of the more recent offerings, this very funny Switzerland Tourist Board video offers an insight into how meticulous the Swiss people are, when it comes to getting everything perfect for tourists.

Aruba Tourist Board

My favourite of the selected videos, the Aruba Tourist Board have done their country proud by producing a very funny, tongue in cheek offering.

Now you’ve taken a step back in time, how many of you have dusted off those boot cut jeans and put a Showaddywaddy LP on? We’d love to know which your favourite is. How many of these can you remember? 

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