Santa Claws – Holidaysplease pets in Christmas clothes!!!

As if pets don’t have a tough enough time at Christmas with the four year old nephew pulling their tail we have added to their plight …. by asking our travel consultants to dress up some of their pets in their best (?!) Christmas outfits. So here they are…. Merry Christmas!!

Are we supposed to look happy?




“Of course we are delighted that Christmas is coming? Can’t you tell?”






Bertie Reindeer 2




“Yes I am Rudolph, so stop asking questions and just give me Santa’s mince pie!”










“I have got what growing out of where?????”













“And you can take that stupid grin off your face!”








Cat and treet




“I think a claw to the bra strap should do it”












“So how do we wrap these presents for the kids?”








Khaleesi xmas






 “And you promise I can pick up Radio Battersea with this on?”







photo (2)




  “What?? I am still the shortest person this Christmas??”













 “They think I am posing for the family Christmas card …. I am actually leaving my own little present under the tree”













There are very few people who can carry this look off you know…..”











“I am sure the nativity play can write in the part of Zombie dog of Xmas past “








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