10 Strangest attractions around the world

When planning a holiday most people have attractions in mind that they want to visit, but some can seem very much alike. We’ve put together a list of some of the more unusual and unique attractions for those travelers after a day out that will certainly be memorable!




Alnwick Poison Gardens

1. Alnwick Poison Garden’s, Northumberland



Created by the Duchess of Northumberland as a way to get children interested in plants.

The Alnwick Poison Gardens is home to over 100 poisonous plants with species such as deadly nightshade, strychnine and hemlock.

Here you can learn how plants kill, how long it will take you to die and how horrific a death it would be!



Great Pacific Garbage Patch

2. Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Pacific Ocean

When most people imagine sailing across the Pacific Ocean, it would be on a luxury cruise with a nice view of the sea stretched out ahead.

Instead people can spend around £5,000 to visit the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a patch of floating rubbish the size of Texas.

Visitors can help operate a trawl that helps to remove microscopic plastic particles that threaten the local wildlife and haul up big items of rubbish.



Islands of the Dolls

 3. Island of the Dolls, Mexico City

Just south of Mexico City is a small island with a sad tale. Don Barrera the caretaker of the Island found a drowned girl washed up on the shore, shortly after he found a doll floating in the water. Don picked the doll out of the water thinking it belonged to the girl and hung it in the nearby trees as a mark of respect. Don was apparently haunted by the girl’s spirit and began to hang many dolls in the trees of the island. He was found dead 50 years later in the same spot as the girl. The island has become a big tourist attraction where visitors can bring their own dolls to hang in the trees.


Thailand Hell Garden

4. Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, Bangkok


Built next to the local temple the Wang Saen Suk Hell Gardens brings to life the Buddhist teachings of the torments of the underworld in a series of gruesome sculptures.

People with bad karma are to be tortured in hell until their karma has been spent.

Tourists can walk around the sculptures and feel like they are really in hell!



Englands Gnome Reserve

 5. England’s Gnome Reserve, North Devon


Set amid rural countryside, this 4 acre reserve is made up of woodland, streams, meadows, garden and 30 yard pond.

The reserve is also home to over 1000 gnomes, visitors are encouraged to wear a gnome hat and fishing rod so the gnomes don’t get embarrassed!

Visitors can also visit the on-site museum with a variety of antique statues.




Ramen Museum

 6. Ramen Museum, Yokohama


This museum pays homage to one of Japans most popular dishes. The museum has been turned into a street-scape replication from the year 1958, Japan.

Visitors can go to different stalls to try different ramens from the different regions of Japan.

Visitors can also explore the old sweet and toy shops and try their hand at making their own brand of ramen.




Mother Shiptons Petrifying Well

 7. Mother Shipton’s petrifying well, Knaresborough

The legend goes that Mother Shipton was a prophetess and witch during the reign of Henry 8th. Mother Shipton was born in a cave near the well. Both the water in the cave and the well are said to have magical properties, although other people were scared that the water would turn them into a rock. The water causes objects to turn to stone because of a natural phenomenon due to the high mineral content of the water. Visitors can visit the cave and make a wish in the petrifying fountain as well as purchasing a petrified teddy bear.



Avanos Hair Museum

 8. Avanos Hair Museum, Avanos

Avanos is a small town with a history of ceramics and pottery. The story goes that a local potter was saying goodbye to a dear friend and asked for something to remember her by.

She cut him a lock of her hair which he put on display. When other people came to visit they decided to leave a lock of their hair also. The collection has now grown to several thousand locks of hair. Visitors have the option to leave a lock of their hair to add to the collection.




Currywurst Museum

 9. Currywurst Museum, Berlin

A museum dedicated to one of Germany’s favourite snacks, the Currywurst Museum in Berlin tells you everything from how the famous snack was created to the stories and its role in film. Visitors can relax on giant sausage sofas and listen to Currywurst themed music out of ketchup bottles. If visitors get hungry they can sample Currywurst at the museum’s café also offering a vegetarian version of the famous dish.




Bubblegum Alley

 10. Bubblegum Alley, San Luis

A 5-foot high and 70-foot long alley lined with chewed gum left by passers-by.

There is a dispute by locals whether the wall was started as a rite of passage after graduation in WW2 or a rivalry between San Luis Obispo High School and Cal Poly students in the 1950’s.

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