Most unusual restaurants around the world

Gone are the days where people are happy going to a restaurant with good food, wine and maybe some soothing ambient music in the background. When people go out to eat especially while on holiday they want stunning scenery, fantastic food and an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the more unusual restaurants around the world…

Dinner in the Sky – All over the world


In 2006 The Fun Group and a communications agency created a flying dinner table in which diners can experience stunning views in the air while eating their meals. The dinner in the sky guests can sample delicious cuisine from some of the world’s renowned chefs. Famous diners include Monaco’s Prince Albert. Just make sure you don’t drop your fork!

Cat Café Nekorobi – Tokyo, Japan

cat cafe toyko

Have a coffee and a cake while getting to know some of the residents of Nekorobi Cat Café. The café is filled with cat toys so you can interact with the cats and pet them as you relax. Around the café are biographies of the cats, photos of them as babies and videos of them playing together. Visitors pay 1,200 yen (£6) per hour they stay at the café with hot drinks and cookies free for the duration of their stay.

Safe House – Milwaukee, USA

safe house restaurant

The safe house in Milwaukee may not look like much from the outside, but if you have the secret password you may just gain entry into Milwaukee’s top secret spy themed restaurant. The restaurant is filled with espionage related items and everyone is given a mission during the meal, to escape the restaurant of course! Try meals such as the mission impossible burger, great Texas cover-up pizza and soviet defector ribs. After dinner try and find the restaurants secret route out to make your great escape.

De Kas – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

de kas amsterdam

De Kas started its life as a greenhouse for Amsterdam’s Municipal Nursery. It was due to be demolished until Michelin starred chef Gert Jan Hageman bought the site and turned it into a nursery and restaurant. In the garden and inside the greenhouse grow fruits and vegetables that are picked and used in dishes on the same day. The restaurant uses locally sourced meat with their produce and they create a new menu each day depending on the fresh ingredients they have harvested

The Rock – Zanzibar, Tanzania

the rock zanzibar

Located 45 minutes from Stone Town just off the shore in Zanzibar is the rock restaurant. Visitors can walk to the restaurant in low tide or get a boat provided by the restaurant at high tide. As well as taking in the stunning views visitors can try some excellent food such as their fish carpaccio, grilled lobster and pineapple flambé.

Treepod dining at Soneva Kiri – Koh Kood, Bangkok

treepod dining

Guests climb into their treepods and are hoisted up into the canopy of Koh Kood’s ancient rainforests for an amazing view of the forests and shoreline. Specially selected wines and gourmet dishes are brought to you via your acrobat waiter and a zipline. This is the perfect place if you want to enjoy your food in peace with stunning scenery to accompany it.

Ristorante Da Pancrazio, Rome

da pancrazio rome

Built over the theatre of Pompey’s ruins where Julius Caesar was famously murdered. Visitors can dine in their unique halls and sample traditional Roman cuisine such as veal escalope and stewed beef rolls.

Vampire Café, Tokyo

vampire cafe tokyo

Customers can sit in private booths surrounded in black gossamer fabric or choose to sit in a coffin or altar booth. Much of the restaurant is decorated in red with fake blood stains on the floor with crosses hung up on the walls. Vampires will serve you your food and drink which are suitably themed. To drink of course you have to try their bloody Mary and coffin shaped cheesecake!

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