Up and coming winter sun destinations

Is it looking a bit grey and gloomy out there? Fed up of the dark and cold? At this point in winter most of us have forgotten what the warmth of the sun feels like. This is an excellent time of year to blast away the winter blues and get your fix of winter sunshine. We have rounded up some of the up and coming places around the world for a winter sun escape…



Watching the sunset over the stunning Angkor Wat temples is a must when in Cambodia. The temples have lured travellers to Cambodia for centuries but tourists are increasingly taking notice of its palm fringed beaches with thatched beach huts serving local beer and seafood.  The capital Phnom Penh boasts world class dining and partygoers can head to Siem Reap, Cambodia’s second city for its diverse nightlife. Cambodia’s countryside is equally dazzling with its rice paddies and sugar palms dotted across the landscape. Inland lies the Cardamom Mountains brimming with elusive wildlife and the Mekong River is home to some of the regions last remaining freshwater dolphins. The South Coast is dotted with tropical islands waiting to be explored.

Kerala, India

Kerala India

Located in India’s deep south Kerala boasts 600km of Arabian Sea coast and beaches with a network of glittering backwaters adorned with lillypads and elegant houseboats. Travellers can enjoy views of rice paddies and the spice and tea covered hills of the Western Ghats. Kerala sets a more laid back pace than the rest of India, visitors can indulge in relaxing Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation and enjoy the delicately spiced cuisine of the region. Kerala boasts a variety of different wildlife sanctuary’s where visitors can see wild elephants, exotic birds and even the elusive tiger. Vibrant traditions from this region can also be witnessed such as Kathakali plays, temple festivals and snake-boat races.



Mozambique has much to offer to its visitors with its stunning coastline and turquoise waters filled with shoals of colourful fish and well preserved corals. Perfect for water lovers, guests can snorkel in the clear waters or try their hand at sailing. The pounding surf in the south is perfect for surfers looking to catch a wave. The Gorongosa National Park is renowned for its large prides of lions as well as elephants, hippos and rhinos. Explore the jade green footplains, woodlands and forests of fever trees. The capital Maputo is filled with Mediterranean-style architecture, visitors can enjoy a lively cultural scene and a range of cafes and restaurants. Everything from seafood to spices can be found at its Municipal Market.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi Malysia

Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea. Travellers are drawn in by the clear waters, pristine beaches and intact jungle. The district has been duty free since 1987, perfect for picking up a few souvenirs. Visitors looking to catch a glimpse of the wonders of the deep can head out on a catamaran cruise to west Malaysia’s only Marine Park. Visitors can engage in a variety of snorkelling and scuba diving activities and discover the unspoilt marine life and corals. For visitors looking to relax Langkawi boasts picturesque sandy beaches perfect for catching some sunshine.



Africa’s smallest country enjoys temperatures of 30C during our winter and with only a 6 hour flight time from the UK is becoming very tempting for a winter sun getaway. Its beaches are perfect for visitors looking to laze, relax and surf in Gambia’s waters.  Visitors can explore the mangrove-lined wetlands, lush green forests and head out on a river cruise spotting some of the 100 species of birds that inhabit the area. The Kachikally Crocodile Pool is one of the most popular tourist attractions, crocodiles symbolise the power of fertility in Gambia so locals come to the sacred site to wash and pray. Visitors can explore the adjacent nature trail home to 78 Nile crocodiles that bask on the banks of the pool. Some are tame enough to be touched, if you dare!

Rajasthan, India


It’s cities of pink, blue and gold and romantic lakeside palaces make Rajasthan one of India’s most beautiful states. This region is home of sand dunes, jungle, camel trains and wild tigers, visitors have an endless amount of activities to choose from. Festivals are frequent in this area, even throughout the winter months. Wildlife lovers can explore the Sariska Tiger Reserve situated within the Aravalli Hills. Whilst the tigers in these hills are very elusive visitors can also see wildlife such as peacocks monkeys, jackals, sambars and wild boars.

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