Must-See Colourful Sands

Golden sand and turquoise water are what most people look for in a beach, but we’re about to flip your world upside down! We think pink is the new gold! Check out these colourful sands from gorgeous beaches around the world.




This is no optical illusion or strong Instagram filter. Oh no. This is a real pastel pink beach! The combination of broken coral, calcium carbonate and shell pieces are responsible for Harbour Island’s pink appearance. Head to the Bahamas now and make sure you plan your outfit to match!




Called Kokkini Beach, or simply Red Beach, this Greek seaside is an idyllic place to unwind. With enormous red cliffs towering over the warm Mediterranean waters, you have plenty of views to soak up. Santorini’s red sands are due to the iron-rich lava rocks that remain from ancient volcanic eruptions. Be warned, the red sand can get red hot if you don’t time your visit right. Take your deck chair to Red Beach in the morning to avoid leaving the same colour as the sand!




Papakōlea Beach is often referred to as the Green Sand Beach and we can understand why. You’ll find this green beauty on the southern tip of Hawaii’s Big Island. The olivine crystals from surrounding lava rocks are responsible for the olive-coloured sand.




Iceland’s Vík í Mýrdal has dark and mysterious sands. The black appearance is down to the basalt deposits. It’s not just the sand that’s impressive; you can also observe the huge basalt columns and massive boulders. The spiky rock formations and the dark-toned sand is a fascinating sight.




Hyams Beach, which is located in New South Wales in Australia, has the whitest sands on the planet according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s the tiny quartz particles that work their magic to give this beach its white glimmer. If you pay this place a visit, expect an extraordinary glow. This sand makes Simon Cowell’s teeth look dull!


We hope you add some colour to your next holiday and walk these vibrant shores!

— By Chloe Dale

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