Chocolate Hot Spots

Our chocolate senses start tingling as soon as Mini Eggs begin to fill supermarket shelves. Don’t fight your chocolate craving this Easter, embrace it by feasting your eyes on these top choc spots around the world…

WARNING: this blog post may cause a strong urge to travel a long way for chocolate. We will not judge you for following this urge.

Patrick Roger, Paris

Good Morning Paris

Image: Good Morning Paris

There are six incredible Patrick Roger boutique stores across the city of Paris. When you see and taste his chocolate creations, the word ‘experimental’ takes on a whole new meaning! He is not only a master of chocolate, but an artist too. In his shops, you’ll find unlikely flavours, such as guava pastilles and Sichuan peppercorn ganache. There are also plenty of delicious truffles for the less adventurous chocolate lovers. The chocolate sculptures are something for all to enjoy as the level of detail and sheer size of the creations make them rather impressive!

Sprüngli, Zurich, Switzerland

Image: La Vida Laura

Image: La Vida Laura

If you’re looking for a traditional high-end Swiss chocolate experience, Sprüngli is the place to go. Based in Zurich, the vibrant displays of luxurious confections are not to be missed. Sprüngli opened back in 1836 and later grew in popularity due to their signature macaron called the Luxemburgerli. Chocolate-drenched nuts and delightful hot chocolate combinations are offered to take home, along with the spectacular grand cru truffles. Words and images can’t do this place justice, so we suggest you start making your way there now!

Que Bo!, Mexico City, Mexico

que bo mexico

You’ll find colours to match the flavours at Que Bo! in Mexico. For example, their bright orange truffles include mango and chili as the key ingredients to give a fiery yet sweet taste. At Que Bo! there’s a conscious effort to blend traditional Mexican flavours with rich chocolate tones. Their specialty of confit figs soaked in molasses, cinnamon, and sugar can be enjoyed in sunny central Mexico City at the chocolatier’s courtyard location.

Roselen Chocolatier, Lima, Peru

Image: Via Twitter, @RoselenChoc

Image: Via Twitter, @RoselenChoc

Check out the fruity flavours on offer in Roselen in Peru. Chocolatier Giorgio Demarini used his graphic design expertise and applied it to the world of chocolate. He creates hand-painted unique masterpieces with jungle-themed flavours. When in Lima, a tasting class at Roselen is an experience you won’t forget. Your taste buds won’t know where to start with the passion fruit lemongrass combination or the lychee with geranium petals creation.

Now you’re ready to embark on your fancy chocolate adventure, enjoy every mouthful!

–By Chloe Dale

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