How to avoid celebrities on holiday this year….

So, you are on holiday relaxing and suddenly security guards and paparazzi push past you on their way to some staged beach shot with some
“celebrity” who is clinging on to their fame with weaker threads than their string bikini. What can you do?

Well the best thing is not to be there in the first place. As part of our public service to you we are pleased to set out the top 5 celebrity
“danger zones” where if you are not careful you might bump into some of the less desirable public figures…

Katie Hopkins – Crete

The walking barrel of bile, Katie Hopkins back in 2007 told the Guardian, that she likes to holiday in Crete. Although over 10 years ago we think it’s still worth avoiding the place just in case.

Katie Hopkins

Philp Green

Sir Philip Green – Monaco & Greek islands

Despite having returned over £300m to the BHS pension fund we think that Sir Phil will probably still have enough holiday spending money to buy the odd ice cream. And looking at some of the shots of him in his beachwear
he seems to be partial to the odd one… or ten.

He has recently been on a tour of Monaco and then the Greek islands. So the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean might be best to be avoided.

The good news though is that his tour has been on his luxury yacht “Lionheart” and so you are only in danger of meeting him if you
are maritime traffic rather than a normal land lubber.

Katie price

Katie Price – Bahamas

When Katie Price got married at the Sandals Royal Bahamian hotel in the Bahamas it didn’t quite go according to plan. She complained that her wedding tent was made of plastic and that her wedding took place in public.

To their credit Sandals responded with one of the best passive aggressive corporate take downs we have seen:-

As a gesture of goodwill we are willing to offer her a refund on condition that she does not choose our resorts for any future weddings.


Mike Ashley – Majorca & Florida

While his salt mine workers labour away, Mr Ashley is likely to be perched in his £10million clifftop villa in the resort of Port d’Andratx,

Don’t worry though it is heavily gated with tight security and so the chances of his escape are minimal.

It also might be worth avoiding Florida as well because he also owns a £32million eight-bedroom mansion in Miami Beach, Florida as well.

Mike Ashley

Donald Trump – Florida

Trump calls Mar-a-Lago his “Winter White House”. Although judging by the number of times he has played golf there since becoming
president it’s more like his “Weekend White House”.

There is a complete lockdown on air traffic at the weekends when Air Force One is around. So you will have to escape by road… or on foot.

Donald Trump

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