Top 5 Places Where You Can Celebrate New Year’s Eve Twice

You can only celebrate New Year’s Eve once a year. . . or can you? Ever thought what it would be like to welcome in

2018 twice? Thanks to the International Date Line, you most certainly can! Here are some of the best places where

you can do exactly that:


Those with deep pockets can fly to Australia, party until midnight at the Sydney Opera House, then take a Gulfstream

G650 for a 12-hour flight to Los Angeles to do it all again in the City of Angels. Extra points for remaining awake the

whole time!

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One of the first countries to see the New Year after Samoa and Christmas Island is New Zealand! You can party the

night away at midnight in Auckland. Then get on a 4-hour flight to the Cook Islands, one of the last places on Earth to

see in the New Year. You will ‘travel back in time’ to the 31st December 2017, just in time to join in with the festivities


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The border between two of Britan’s favourite holiday destinations is one of Europe’s clock-tick lines in the sand. Tucked

140 miles north-west of Seville, the small city of Badajoz is one of Spain’s hidden gems. Portugal, which is an hour behind

Spain, waits just outside the western edge of town. You can say hello to 2018 in Badajoz’s Plaza Espana, then grab a cab

for the 20-minute ride across the River Guadiana and onto Portuguese soil – where you can welcome the New Year again

on Praca da Republica in the beautiful town of Elvas.

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One of the world’s most peculiar time borders is the partition between Eastern Time Zone and Central Time Zone in the

north-west of Florida. It cuts off the far corner of this holiday haven from the rest of the state.

The town of Apalachicola is one hour ahead of Port St Joe, the next town over. Celebrate New Year’s Eve on the beach in

the former, then go on a 25-minute drive and finish with a repeat party in the latter. As a bonus, you can also enjoy a little

winter sun as part of the deal.

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Tornio in Finland, and Haparanda in Sweden are divided just by the River Torne. A short walk is all it takes to cross the

border. Crossing the bridge will take you into a new country, but also into a new time zone. Countdown in Tornio, then

hop over to Haparanda, turn back the clocks an hour and repeat.


If you’re looking for a New Years Eve Escape, contact us today and go on the holiday of a lifetime!

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