7 Health Benefits of Going on Holiday

We all have busy and stressful lives these days, so everyone needs to relax and unwind once in a while. The perfect way of ‘recharging your batteries’ is to go on a relaxing holiday. Today, we’re going to present you the many positive health benefits of enjoying a week or two away in the sun. We’re not particularly referring to healthy holidays or wellness holidays; you’re not going to have to detox every day and adopt a Downward-Facing Dog before the sun comes up each morning. We’re just referring to your normal, fun-filled, sun-filled getaway. Read these 7 unquestionable health benefits of going on holiday and get ready to reap the rewards on your next retreat.


1) Vitamin D Boost

Here in the UK, the sun is quite shy and we don’t get to see enough of it! But with some luck, you’ll have plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures on your next holiday, helping you to get enough of the much-needed vitamin D. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, this helps to keep your body healthy and prevents sickness, supporting your immune system and keeping bones healthy. It helps to improve the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder as well. Don’t forget to use sunscreen protection get out there and soak up some of the good stuff.


 2) Fitness

With a lot more free time on your hands and gyms available at most hotels and resorts now, it’s quite easy to fit in some exercise on your holiday. But you don’t even have work out every day or make a conscious effort to stay in shape. You’ll be taking walks, sightseeing, exploring new places, swimming and splashing about in the pool, playing on the beach and perhaps you’ll even join in some of the planned activities at your resort. There are often lots of fun goings-on to get involved in, such as aqua-aerobics or football tournaments.


3) Stress-reduction

There are so many worries that can disturb our daily lives, from a stressful workplace to getting the kids on time to school every morning and making sure all the bills are paid on time. Whatever the reason that’s making you feel stressed, holidays are a proven method to reduce strain, allowing your mind to forget about your worries back home for a little while and focus on the positive. They’re great for fighting depression and anxiety too. You’re on holiday, the sun is shining and you’re free to do what you want.


4) Bonding

Spending quality time together with your family and close ones is so important. We wish we could spend more time with them daily, but work and other responsibilities often get in the way of that. Going together on a holiday is the perfect way to bond, make up for lost time and enjoy being around your family, with no other disruptions to take you away from what’s important.


5) Mental health

We have touched on this topic a little earlier: getting away from it all and going on holiday is the best remedy for your mental wellbeing. Being in a new place, somewhere peaceful and scenic can really contribute to re-establishing the balance that you’re looking for when perhaps things have got slightly frantic back home. Being in an unfamiliar surrounding can also bring out your artistic side, so it’s the best chance to find some inspiration for those projects you’ve really been wanting to start but haven’t been in the mood for.


6) Sleep


We often undervalue the importance of a good night’s sleep. It’s so vital to rest and recover, to keep us in the best health both physically and emotionally. If there’s a place where your sleep is going to improve, it’s when you’re on holiday. That’s because you’re more relaxed, so it’s a lot easier to turn off at night. Plus, you’ll love this one – there’s no need to set an alarm! And who knew splashing in the pool all day could be so exhausting?


7) Positivity

Booking the holiday and being on holiday’s one thing, but for many people, one of the most thrilling parts is the anticipation of going once you’ve booked! Those few weeks or months before you go, of counting down the days are what get you through work and everything else in between. The positive effects of a holiday don’t just take place when you are at your destination, but they take effect from the second your booking is confirmed. Having something to look forward to is a pretty powerful and exciting feeling.


Have we convinced you yet that a holiday is just what you need to regain your balance and feel relaxed again? Then place an enquiry on our website and let us find you the ideal retreat!

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