Welcome To Paradise: A Travel Expert’s View Part 1

The phrase “Welcome to Paradise” is not a sentence to be taken lightly when it comes to the island of Mauritius

Situated just off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean sits a place that only people could dream of visiting and that dream came true for me on the 6th May 2018! It’s a country that absolutely melted my heart to the core with its never-ending beauty. Most of you may think Mauritius is famous for its stunning beaches and crystal blue waters but it is so much more than that.

Day 1

My journey started back in the UK in Terminal 4 at Heathrow where I took a 12-hour flight with Air Mauritius. This may sound pretty horrendous but it actually went by quicker than I thought. 3 Movies, 2 meals and a little nap, and the flight was over. Upon Arrival I experienced the warmest of welcomes by our fantastic representatives at Sega Tours who gave us a necklace of bright yellow lily’s and our itineraries for the next 10 days. We were then introduced to our driver for the whole trip who was also our tour guide. This man turned out to be one of my favourite human beings on the planet who has not a single bad bone in his body and the patience of a saint.


This first Hotel we visited was Le Preskil. It is roughly about a 15-minute drive from the Airport and is situated in the most picturesque cove on the south east of the island. The ocean that sits around this hotel is completely still, even though this part of the Mauritius is known for its high winds, I felt a sense of peace and romance about this location. As Preskil was in renovation stages at the time of visit, we were lucky enough to see some of the new beachfront suites and family rooms.

Gone with the old traditional dark wooden rooms and in with a fresh bright white look, with a beachy retro vibe to them. The family rooms are very spacious and the suites are absolutely stunning with the Honeymoon suites having a bath tub in the middle of the room.


We then moved onto one of my favourite resorts, The Outrigger Mauritius. A relaxed 5-star hotel with all ocean facing rooms and fantastic food!

Here we done a sight inspection and visited it’s famous Navasana Spa. This spa has a feeling like no other, keeping its old Indian temple style décor it gives you a sense of calming. Throwing a few treatments into the mix during a spa day, it will truly allow your spiritual side to break free.

Afterwards, we left the spa to eat lunch at Edgewater where we were served the most delicious sea food. From king prawn tempura to seafood risotto… I was in heaven! If you are a seafood lover you will feel like you have struck gold eating here.


Our final stop for the day was Tamassa. Known for being the best seller on the island out of all the LUX* property’s. This is because it’s a 4-star hotel but belonging to LUX*, the luxury element is still very much attached!

Here we came across one of LUX* well known Tree of Wishes. It is said that a wish tied to the tree, that has truly come from the heart, is bound to come true.

We were given the privilege of staying in the Beachfront rooms at Tamassa. This room was my favourite room out of all the hotel’s I stayed in purely because if felt like I was in paradise! Being able to walk straight out of my room onto the beach with the ocean being a stone throw away. This is what a holiday should feel like… True bliss.


Day 2

Our trip moved on to see the Heritage properties. Placed in the South East of Mauritius in Bel Ombre is Heritage Awali, Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage the Villa’s. All very different hotel’s and have their own unique twist.

Hertiage Awali is a lead in 5-star all-inclusive resort that has an African safari style to it. This hotel caters to both families and couples as it has nightly entertainment, including Sega dancers and live singers. But also has beautiful quite pool areas with one of the best beaches I have ever seen.

The sand at the Heritage properties feels like powder under your feet. Which I found out later on in my trip wasn’t the same around the entire island so, I felt this was a major selling point for the property. ‘That’ and The Boma Restaurant. This is a must do during your stay! This open-air pop up restaurant is an unforgettable experience as you dine gazing at the stars around a campfire and listening to the beats of African drums.

Heritage Le Tefair, which is next door to Awali, has a completely different feel to it as you leave the African safari and enter the colonial time of Mauritius. This absolutely stunning hotel is just breath-taking, with its timeless beauty and elegance, Le Tefair has that touch of class that makes you feel worth a million dollars. If you can afford to stay here, then you really have made it in life as only the best of the best is served to the guests staying at Le Telfair.

All the suites at this hotel are white and fresh, yet still old fashioned. The style of the rooms follows the style of the hotel, with a feel like time has stood still. Le Telfair has light entertainment, fine dining and personalised service. At all the Heritage properties Golf plays a big part of why most guests choice to stay here as it has its own golf course and is included in the premium all-inclusive package.


Not only that, Heritage also have their own Nature reserve. There we got to drive a buggy on the dirty tracks up into the mountains and jump in the water falls. This was so much fun and is a must for people staying at the resort.


The following day we visited Heritage the Villa. The Villa’s are a 5-minute drive from both Awali and Le Telhair. They are in a giant complex next to the golf course. The grounds can only be described as driving through Beverly hill in LA passing all of the beautiful million-dollar houses.

These are not your average villa’s but more like mini mansions! One villa more stunning than the next. With hundreds of villas all spread out over the complex, each villa gets its own gulf buggy to get around in and a private pool. The buggy of course can be used to get you back and forth from the resorts but if you don’t fancy leaving the villa you can have your own private chef come in and make your food. This is what I would call the real A lister treatment.


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