How to Spend 24 Hours in Hong Kong


This incredible Far Eastern city has something for everyone, whether you are a couple looking for a romantic break underneath neon lights or a group of friends looking for excitement and adventure. With many travellers passing through Hong Kong on a journey to another destination, this week we have created an itinerary for those who want to make the most out of a short period of time in this incredible city.


Day 1 – 09:00

Head to the Corner Kitchen Café in Sheung Wan to charge yourselves for the upcoming day. This refreshing breakfast establishment with partial outdoor seating has attracted lots of attention for its relaxed atmosphere, generous menu offerings and Instagram worthy dishes.

Day 1 – 10:00

For a historic and cultural way to start your day in Hong Kong, visit the incredible 19th Century Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan. Dedicated to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo), this intricate and vibrant temple should not be missed when visiting the island.

Day 1 – 11:30

After your visit to the temple, take a short walk to Hong Kong Park and explore manicured gardens filled with rare plants and tropical birds. There are often events here, such as art exhibitions and traditional theatrical performances, making Hong Kong Park perfect for entertainment and photo opportunities.

Day 1 – 13:00

Perhaps the most exciting part of a trip to Hong Kong is taking a cruise along the harbour. We recommend a cruise with lunch included, so you can indulge on traditional cuisine, whilst enjoying incredible views of this city’s extraordinary skyline.

Day 1 – 16:00

Once on dry land again, depart straight for Victoria Peak, a mountain and popular viewing platform for the city’s skyline. This time of day is perfect for visiting as you can witness an incredible sunset and see the city lights come to life. We would recommend bringing a good quality camera up here as the sight is truly exceptional.

Day 1 – 18:30

With a fresh perspective on this incredible city, head down the mountain and towards the shopping and nightlife district of Tsim Sha Tsui. Here, you can wander down countless streets and collect a variety of retail goods, ranging from luxury international brands to traditional market stalls.

Day 1 – 21:30

Once fully entertained and perhaps carrying a few bags of shopping, settle any food cravings by visiting Din Tai Fung, a traditional yet modest restaurant specialising in Asian cuisine with an extensive selection of dumplings!

Day 1 – 22:30

Head in the direction of your hotel and wander into a bar which radiates a good atmosphere and indulge in a night cap. Don’t be afraid to try and talk with the locals and other travellers, as scenarios like these often lead to the most interesting conversations. We’ll let you decide the curfew!

Day 2 – 08:00

Once you have checked out of your hotel and walked into the open air, the city will already be at full speed. Tuck yourself away from the chaos by visiting The Diner in central Hong Kong for some highly rated (and high calorie) breakfast goods. This quirky establishment is designed to look like a traditional American diner and is very popular with locals and internationals alike.

Day 2 – 09:00

After a chaotic 24-hours and with a satisfied appetite, continue your journey with a head full of vibrant memories and a suitcase full of souvenirs!


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