Immerse Yourself in the Elements


Has there ever been a time when you are on holiday, the sun is intense, the queues are long and the noise of the crowds rings in your ears of an evening? Sure, theme park and city holidays can be thrilling but have you ever considered travelling to a place where you can connect with your surroundings, rather than be absorbed by them? This week, we are talking about extreme climates and landscapes, where you can drift away from the chaos of traditional lively destinations.


The Peruvian Amazon

Lay back and envision yourself lounging under emerald rainforest canopies, accompanied by the distant shrills of monkeys and a gentle running stream. Destinations like this almost always require an intrepid mind-set but there are resorts which blend seamlessly through the heavy flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest. With bucket-list activities such as, slowly walking to the edge of an infinity pool which gazes over an endless tropical landscape to taking a tour through the forest floor to observe exotic animals in this bio-diverse ecosystem, this trip is truly one to remember.


The USA’s Cowboy Territories

Locations such as Canyon Point in Utah and Sedona in Arizona will have visitors in awe at the natural landscapes. The USA is often regarded as a destination of glamorous cities and theme parks but this country harbours extreme environments amongst various national parks and deserts. Ride by horseback or dune-buggy across dusty planes and watch the sun set behind luminous red sandstone cliff-faces. With miles of harsh desert separating you from the nearest crowd, visitors can truly detach themselves from the outside world when visiting.


Rustic Antarctica

As the sun sets in Antarctica, the view of endless white snow transforms to a kaleidoscope of colour as views of the Milky Way and the Southern Lights will have you believing you are on another planet. With expert guides who work to keep you warm and safe, visitors can partake in a wide variety of high adrenaline activities, such as kayaking between glaciers, scuba diving into icy waters and even mountain climbing!


The Tropical Beaches of Mexico

Trade the hunt for a sunbed on the beach of a hotel resort in Cancun for rustic towns nestled between turquoise waters. The town of Bacalar in Quintana Roo, Mexico provides magical, tropical landscapes with luminescent lagoons fading quickly into mysterious dark waters. You can spend hours here scuba diving, relaxing under a shady palm or exploring the local forests in search of colourful parrots.


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