Seychelles – The Islands of Endless Beauty

On the 18th May I was able to tick off a destination that had been on my bucket list for some years now and never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to be so breath-taking. If the title of the blog hasn’t already given away the suspense of the country I am referring to, it is indeed the Seychelles! And let me tell you, this destination did not fail my expectations.  The Seychelles is a tiny nation in the Indian Ocean of 115 Islands, just off the coast of Africa. It is home to the most incredible beaches and nature reserves. I was one of the lucky ones in my company that got to experience a few of these islands and stay in some of the most incredible hotels.

From the moment you start your final descent to Mahe, you begin to see all of the little island’s popping up, one by one in the most crystal-clear blue waters. As my flight was landing on Mahe I couldn’t quite believe how green the island was and how many mountains this island had. My colleague actually described it as it was like landing on Jurassic Park. which isn’t too far from the truth. Obviously minus the dinosaurs. Mahe is a tropical paradise with a Caribbean Vibe. Having it’s own famous Rum distillery called Takamaka based around 10 minutes south of the Airport. It is owned by two brothers, who offer a brilliant tour of how the beautifully produced spirit is made, including a yummy tasting session at the end. This is defiantly worth doing even if you do leave the place feeling a little wavy. Maybe don’t go right after landing. Ha!

If you are looking for tasty local cuisine after all that rum tasting then Maison Marengo is 2 minutes north of the Takamaka distillery and has the most amazing food. I tried a traditional curries dish here followed by a plantain dessert which was delicious.



The first hotel I stayed at was Constance Ephelia. This beautiful African style hotel feels very secluded from the outside world, giving you the sense of entering a retreat. The area surrounding the hotel is very lush and green with the most amazing lagoons. Overlooking the marine national park of Port Launay, Constance Ephelia has a unique location giving all the rooms at the hotel a wonderful view. I stayed in the Junior suite and felt like royalty. The bathroom in this suite is incredible, with a bath so deep you could use it as a plunge pool. Of course, I had to have a soak in it before I went anywhere.

The beaches at this hotel still look wild and untouched. The perfect white sand and emerald green waters from the reflection of the tree’s in the shallow water is just bliss. You can walk out into the ocean for ages before the water gets really deep so it is perfect for families with young children. Here I had my first experience with a jumping fish and my reaction wasn’t pretty but one thing I can say is, the fishes are not scared of getting up close and personal. So get the snorkel equipment at the ready! I liked especially that at this hotel there was the Giant Turtle habitat which allows you to get up really close with this stunning creature.

Day 2, we travelled over to my favourite island in the Seychelles, Praslin. The ferry journey over was windy but amazing as the weather was perfect so the ocean was crystal blue when crossing and I heard many people had saw Dolphins on the way. I of course didn’t see any as I was too busy being a typical millennial and was taking hundreds of photos.


Our first stop on Praslin was Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, were we got to see the famous coco de mer. This magnificent nut is so BIG you wouldn’t believe it grow on a tree. The beautiful forest is a world heritage site and definitely worth a visit. Our tour guide even showed us what plants were used for medicine and got use to try spices that were growing right there.

From here we went on to visit the famous Raffles! And wow! The entrance to this incredible hotel is like entering a screen saver. If you were ever wondering how a celebrity’s life felt for the week then the Raffles would give you that experience and more. The service is like no other with villa’s that have their own infinity pool and views that will make even the hardest person cry when waking up to. We stayed for lunch at this 5 star luxury hotel and enjoy the insane 7 courses they prepared.


By the time we had finished, I felt like I had to be rolled out never mind walking out. I mean 7 courses of absolute bliss! How could I say no more! The California Uramaki was so fresh and the Banana Cream Burlee was to die for. I highly recommend those dishes for anyone staying here. The Raffles is one of the best Hotel I have ever seen and if you can afford it, it is a must.  After all the food we then went on to see what was considered by lonely planet as the best beach in Prasln. Anse Lazio is situated northwest of the island and is a long stretch of beach with the most incredible boulder formation. The Seychelles is so unique to other islands in the Indian ocean because of these giant boulders everywhere. They are just incredible to see and I kept asking myself the inter time I was there; I wonder how they got here and came to be on the beaches. Because of its reputation this does mean it is one of the busier beaches in Praslin. But this doesn’t mean busy like Benidorm! It means busy as there are a few people about enjoying the beach.


By Heather Winters


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