Natural Phenomena You Have to See to Believe

Step away from your usual beach resorts and city breaks to see some incredible natural sights which you will struggle to explain the beauty of back at home! Here are some of our favourite sightings from around the world…

• Lightning storms in Venezuela

Lightning storms are both beautiful and terrifying but are also pretty rare in the UK. For the ultimate light display, head to Venezuela for the highest rate of lightning storms recorded within a destination at an incredible 232 per year in the Maracaibo Lake region.

• The Moonbow in Zimbabwe

Exactly as the name implies, this phenomenon sees a rainbow form from the reflection of moonlight, making for a magical experience for those who witness it. Head to a waterfall on a clear night for a chance to see the illusive moonbow…

• Moving Rock, USA

Within Death Valley in California, witness the extraordinary “moving rocks” which continue to puzzle global scientists. These boulders are seen sitting at the end of a line in the floor, implying that they have moved by themselves!

• Bioluminescent Glow Worms in New Zealand

Visit the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand for the most incredible light display. These tiny creatures unite together to create a glittering cave ceiling with a mesmerising blue glow.

• Chase Fireflies in Tennessee

The Smokey Mountains in Tennessee are home to 19 species of firefly, making this spot, one of the best in the world to see them alight. Visit these entertaining, blinking creatures from late-May to mid-June for best results.

Have we tempted you into taking a trip to see one of these natural wonders? Place an enquiry today and begin planning your next adventure!

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