Travel for Foodies – US hotspots and the foods they’re famous for…

Travel for Foodies – US Hotspots and the Foods They’re Famous For

If you’re a self-proclaimed “foodie”, you may find yourself creating food bucket lists for each country you visit; be that sushi in Tokyo, pasta in Italy, tacos in Mexico or whatever else you dream of sampling during your holiday. For those who wish to travel across the United States, we have created a list of foods you simply have to try from major US tourist destinations so you can eat like a local and have a truly “American” experience…

  1. The Philly Cheesesteak – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This iconic sandwich is adored all over the world for its tender strips of steak, deliciously topped with melted cheese in a long bread roll. This mouth-watering combination may sound like a lunchtime snack but in the city of Philadelphia, the portions are so generous that you can happily have one as your main meal!

  1. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – Chicago, Illinois

Although Chicago has developed a few different styles of pizza, the deep dish is the most famous. Baked in a pan to keep all of the heavy goodness inside, this pizza makes for a messy but satisfying eat…

  1. Beignets – New Orleans, Louisiana

The “beignet” is choux pastry (or profiterole style pastry), deep-fried and topped with a tantalisingly thick layer of powdered sugar. Often served with a side of jam or chocolate compote, these pastries are a “must” for your trip to New Orleans.

  1. Texas Barbeque – Dallas, Texas

Not the most “vegan-friendly” but certainly the most well-known, barbequing is an art form in this state, perfecting slow-cooked meats infused with aromatic seasonings. The accompaniments are unashamedly high-calorie and should you wish to go all-out, we recommend opting for a side of fries and a large helping of molten mac n’ cheese!

  1. Hershey’s Chocolate – Hershey, Pennsylvania

Take a trip to where this iconic chocol… Sorry, “candy bar” was invented in Hershey, USA. Chocoholics will be thrilled with a tour of the Hershey Story Museum whilst adrenaline junkies gain some big thrills at Hersheypark; a chocolate themed amusement park with large rollercoasters.

  1. Buffalo Wings – Buffalo, New York

You may have wondered why these tasty snacks/sides are called “buffalo wings”, well the answer is where they originate from! In Buffalo, New York, chicken wings are taken to the next level; expertly cooked with sticky and wholesome sauces.

  1. Boston Cream Donuts – Boston, Massachusetts

The perfect comfort food, these delicious treats are filled with a rich and creamy custard then lovingly dipped in a shiny chocolate glaze. Perfectly accompanied with a good cup of coffee, you are at risk of sampling multiple of these during your trip to Boston.

  1. Corn Dogs – Minnesota and Illinois!

One place claims to have invented the corn dog and one claims to have been the first to serve them on sticks (as is tradition) but together, these two US states have created an iconic and delicious American snack. The corndog is a sausage which has been dipped in a thick cornmeal batter and deep-fried, making for a wholesome and comforting eat.

  1. New York Cheesecake – New York City

Beloved all over the world, the New York cheesecake needs no introduction. Most cheesecake recipes have a mixture of heavy cream and soured cream to create a fluffy consistency but New York cheesecake mixes are heavily reliant on cream cheese, resulting in a dense and indulgent dessert.

  1. Cuban Sandwich – Tampa, Florida

The Cuban sandwich is truly a mouth-watering and inventive flavour combination which combines rich and creamy cheese with a sweet, sharpness found in the long pickle slice and yellow mustard. Both flavours are divided by an expertly (and traditionally) marinated selection of ham, roast pork and salami before being toasted on a flat grill between two slices of heavily-buttered bread… Delicious!


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