Comfort Outside of Your Comfort Zone – Unique Hotel Room Ideas

There are so many household names in the hotel industry and each one aims to go above and beyond in providing comfort for their guests. However, often when you are showed a room, there is no difference (besides when looking out the window) between, Paris, New York, Dubai, Hawaii, Bali or even your home city!

So, here is a little tip – You can still find comfort outside of your comfort zone.

Take a look at some quirky accommodations from around the world which promise more than just a good nights’ sleep…

Capsule Hotels

Those with claustrophobia may shy away from the idea of crawling into a little pod to sleep within a Tokyo skyscraper but the “rooms” would surprise you. Some are completely floor-to-ceiling with ample overhead shelving, under-bed suitcase storage and even a projector, making use of the white privacy screen. Plus, these environments are frequented by those who travel to cities purely to explore so public spaces are blissfully and respectfully silent.


Whether they are made of glass with views of snowy Swedish forests or peeking out of Balinese treetops, treehouses are taking hotel rooms to new heights! Put aside thoughts of scrambling up homemade ladders and instead think of perfectly placed oak structures within African planes, draped only with white cotton furnishings and flowing mosquito canopies so you and your partner can gaze at the stars with a glass of champagne in hand.

Water Villas

Perhaps the most famous alternative accommodation choice, the over-water bungalows in the Maldives attract romantics from far and wide. These incredible rooms offer the most immersive experience the Indian Ocean has to offer, providing direct ocean access from your private sun-deck. For those looking for more of a “wild” holiday, the French Polynesia were one of the first destinations to offer this experience, making for a relaxing way to end a day of exploring thick, tropical vegetation.


Founded by opal miners, the small town of Coober Pedy in Australia’s outback was created when one man saw both a livelihood and a home beneath the earth’s surface. As word spread promising an abundance of hidden treasures, this underground community (literally) grew rapidly, resulting in churches, shops, homes, a library, restaurants and hotels, all within this incredibly unique setting.

Traditional Tall Ship

Although this niche category of cruising may not include an onboard ice rink or fully-fitted cinema, the benefits of tall ships are their stunning appearance and ability to take you to hidden destinations, far from the beaten path. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your captain as you approach one of Thailand’s deserted islands and help the crew hoist the magnificent sails and you depart for your next adventure.

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