Top Safety Tips for Travelling

Whether you’re in an airport, on the beach or exploring a city, it’s always good practice to exercise caution. We have comprised a list of our most useful safety tips so you and your loved ones can enjoy your holiday with full peace of mind!

RFID Blocking Sleeves

On the internet, you can buy individual card sleeves or a wallet made from RFID blocking materials. This means that your contactless credit/debit cards can’t be tapped by a thief’s handheld payment machine. This is a handy gadget for anyone who loves city breaks or visiting popular attractions.


Ask your hotel reception to order you a taxi when you go out of an evening and request the number for your journey home. This will most likely be a common request, so the hotel will have a reputable company to recommend. If you’re travelling alone, text the number plate to your chosen emergency contact just to be safe.

Valuables at the Beach

Also available on the internet, are waterproof pouches on lanyards to wear in the ocean; these are perfect for keeping your phone, money and room key safe whilst you go for a swim. If you’d prefer to leave your belongings on dry land, consider an empty sunscreen bottle cut in half to hide any gadgets!

Lock your Backpack

Backpacks are much more comfortable when carrying heavy items long distances. Unfortunately, you’re unable to see if someone attempts to open the zip in a crowded place, so we recommend a little padlock interlocking the zips when carrying valuables.

Know your Contacts

Before you travel, save the numbers for local emergency services on a page in your phone’s notepad. This way, in the unlikely event you need assistance, you have the necessary contacts on-hand.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Unless you’re using the Wi-Fi of a well-known brand, such as a Hilton hotel or an international fast food restaurant, be careful on your phone in public places. Small coffee shops with individual internet routers can be easily hacked, exposing your bank details if you access online banking.

Street Lights

Even if it’s the longer way to your hotel, bar or restaurant, be sure to take the most well-lit & public route. Avoiding dark alleyways is a simple way of reducing risk abroad.

Here at Holidaysplease, we want you to have full peace of mind, from booking your holiday to your journey home. If we can help you plan your next trip, please get in touch with our Personal Travel Experts using the provided enquiry form.

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