Colourful Beaches from Around the World

Do you ever get bored with powder-white sand beaches? No? We don’t either!

Regardless, these incredible shores from around the world are definitely being added to our bucket lists…

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island – Bahamas

Inspiring daydreams of flamingos and fruity drinks, the pink sand beach on Harbour Island is made up of crushed coral pieces, calcium carbonate and seashells. There are multiple places within the Caribbean that have pink beaches, including Bermuda and Barbados!

Green Sand Beach, Mahana Bay – Hawaii’s Big Island, USA

Often the source behind interesting coastlines, this green beach gets its colour from volcanic formations. The green sand is a collection of olivine crystals lining Papakolea Beach in Mahana Bay.

Orange Sand Beach, Gozo – Malta

A high iron content on the shores of Ramla Bay in Gozo have created a stunning orange beach. The warm colour makes for a tempting sunbathing spot, whilst nearby Roman ruins tempt restless explorers away from the water.

Purple Sand Beach, Pfeiffer Beach – California, USA

Perhaps the only beach you want to visit in the rain is Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur. Brought to life when wet, the manganese garnet deposits and crushed quartz create a spectacular purple landscape framed by the blue ocean.

Black Sand Beach, Vík í Mýrdal – Iceland

A world-renowned destination for volcanic terrains and hot springs, Iceland has an array of fascinating coastlines. Head to Vík í Mýrdal to see the spectacular black sand beach, coloured by basalt deposits.

World’s Whitest Beach, Hyams Beach – New South Wales, Australia

It wouldn’t be right for us to talk about different colour beaches without crowning the world’s whitest beach! Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, Hyams Beach has gleaming sands, filled with tiny quartz particles, giving it an award-winning appearance.

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