Super-Naturals: Natural Remedies to Take on Your Travels

If you’re the kind who likes to avoid chemicals or taking medication unless necessary, you’re probably a fan of natural home remedies. To make sure you’re the pinnacle of health on your next holiday, we’ve created a list of our favourite “super naturals” to add to your washbag!

Available in all shapes and sizes, here are a few ways ginger can make your journeys more comfortable; Add ginger tonic to a glass of water or fizzy drink before long car rides to prevent nausea, take crystallised ginger candies on boat trips to ward off seasickness and drink ginger tea on a long flight to prevent strong symptoms of jet lag.

A calming scent which does wonders for a good night’s rest, lavender is ideal for those who struggle to sleep in a new environment. Begin adding 2-3 drops of lavender to your pillow 1 month before travel to create a little reminder of home when settling into your hotel bed. This extract is also said to reduce pain and inflammation, making it the perfect addition to your evening bath after a long day of exploring.

Want to feel brand new? You may want to start taking probiotics! Not just for travel, benefits of probiotics include warding off the aging process, reducing inflammation, improved mental health, healthier cell growth, a stronger immune system against colds & flu, antioxidant properties, the maintenance of digestion, and better neurotransmitter balance (key components to your nervous system). Perhaps the most well-known probiotic drink in the UK is Yakult, but there are fantastic reviews for a food supplement called ‘HeyNutrition Probiotic Complex’ which has also been praised for women’s health and weight management.

Tea Tree
Where to start with tea tree?! Putting the “essential” in essential oils, tea tree has an endless list of benefits including the reduction of acne, natural antibacterial properties, the treatment of fungal infections, a natural hand sanitizer, insect repellant, emergency deodorant when your can has run out, encouraging the treatment of cuts & wounds, reducing inflammation, creating a chemical-free mouthwash, treating psoriasis & dandruff, and even to use as an all-purpose cleaner! Phew, that’s a long list…

Very useful for preventing more serious health conditions than a little jet lag, magnesium can prevent type 2 diabetes, as well as help those who have the condition keep their blood sugars under control. Also credited for fighting depression, lowering blood pressure, reducing PMS symptoms and preventing migraines, add magnesium to your daily diet to stay on top-form! The recommended dose for men is between 400 to 420 milligrams daily, whereas women are advised to take between 310 & 320mg.

This hard-to-pronounce extract is found in the bark of certain pine trees and is a miracle-worker for jet lag. Don’t just take our word for it, in a recent Italian study with 133 test subjects, Pycnogenol reduced symptoms of jet lag by 56%, including; disorientation, irritability, insomnia, headaches and general grogginess – So if you’re unpleasant to be around on a long journey, your family will thank you for taking them! You can buy this handy remedy in a capsule format from Holland & Barrett, with fantastic reviews from people claiming it has helped with restless leg syndrome and often tinnitus.

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